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You can only kill one next year

You can only shoot one of the three next year, which one are you choosing?

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Ive seen a few elk on a recent hunt, that I had a tag for, close to that 375" mark. Ive never even seen a 190" mule deer in the wild, only on walls. Pronghorn just dont do it for me. Mule deer 100%.
I’ve just about pooped my pants every time I’ve seen an elk over 300”. I don’t know WHAT would happen if I shot a bull that was 375, but I want to find out 😏
Hell I’d gladly take a raghorn elk over the rest at this point. Someday the others will interest me but only getting 1 western hunt a year for now I’m enjoying chasing elk.
Since I’ve never shot a big elk, I’d probably have to go that route, but man there’s something special about a 190 typical muley. A dark antlered 170 mountain whitetail would be another one to add to that list as well.
That’s kind of a toss up. Need some context.

Hands down an 80” antelope with a bow.

You can get some good tags and get one with a rifle. It’s really not that hard.

Mule deer, meh. I’d love to kill a big one some day but deer don’t do it for me too much. Same as Antelope, killing a 180” with a rifle on a good tag doesn’t do it for me.

Elk: hell yes, but a 275” bull vs a 375” bull charging in and coming to a call, I can’t tell much difference.

Now if I could call antelope……….