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Wyoming has 3 genetically different Mule Deer Groups...


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Jul 23, 2010

WYOMING — University of Wyoming researchers recently discovered that mule deer in the state represent three different genetic groups according to a new study.

“We identified features of the environment, such as elevation, habitat types and highways, that promote or inhibit the movement of mule deer genes across the state,” says Melanie LaCava, a UW Ph.D. candidate in the Program in Ecology and Department of Veterinary Sciences. “The environmental variables we found to be important were different at the scale of the entire state compared to each of the three genetic groups, which demonstrates the importance of studying wildlife in geographic areas of different sizes and comparing areas with different habitats.” https://buckrail.com/uw-study-revea...Xk16gOzGyIwmNDNQzKpLB5Ixsdb4EwcRx930wnhaYzEqI

Guess this Means there is a now Wyoming Deer Slam Eh?