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Wyoming Application Order Question

Heres the Game and fish contact information. What you cannot figure out by reading the regulations, they can answer for you. Probably have a better idea of what you can and cannot do than a bunch of people on a forum from all over the US.
and they are the nicest people. And they just answer the phone without having to go through prompts. It’s refreshing
"My question is can you put PP as your first choice and a cow hunt as your second so you don’t lose your points?"

The answer is no, you cannot put PP down as a 1st choice.
If viewed through the lens of a subconscious motivation to baffle and confuse…now this thread makes sense 🤔

Only question remaining is how many pages it will go.

My answers, applied in no particular order are…yes… Type 6 in the special draw…only if you pay via check….applies to private land only…. residents….April 23

Search the web at your own risk!
Sorry, no offense, but your comment did not answer his question either. @WapitiBob did in post #26

My answer was not inaccurate

His question was really geared towards wondering if you lose points on second choice
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It's funny how instead of looking up or calling WYGF, people will take word of mouth then wonder why they didn't get in the draw they wanted or the area they wanted. Or the application was booted out of the draw. Then arguments about how they interpret the rules of a state that they may not even live in. It's great
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