WY pronghorn leftovers

Big Fin

Staff member
Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
Glad the truck ahead of us passed this buck. They must not enjoy pronghorn meat as much as I do.


Now, if the monsoon would clear, I could finish this TV stuff and get my butt home.
Looks like a perfect pan-sized buck. I'm after mine starting this Sat the 27th. Couldn't make the opener. See you on the road.
Not sure why anyone would pass on that buck! Very nice. Congrats.
I've seen a couple other picts and this one doesn't do it justice. The truck ahead of Randy must of been Greenhorn's outfitter friend who judged that bull elk at 330 :D He probably would call this one a 65
Nice looking buck. However, I passed on at least a 100 bucks between last Sat & Sun trying to find something in the 80 or better class. May end up doing the same next weekend. Its all what yer after...