Wooden Arrows

I'm sure it's cheaper or more efficient to buy them. But, we had a severe storm come through a few days ago that left some trees down. Some of the wood just looked a little too nice to use for firewood. Mostly oak, hickory, and cedar.

The thought of trying to make a fly/casting rod or two also crossed my mind.
You better stick with bamboo for the fly rod, otherwise it might be a bit on the stiff side.

I've been using Cedar blanks from Three Rivers Archery for several years. Buy them to match the spine for your bow and you'll be in good shape. Wood arrows in combination with a recurve or longbow, hand fashioned by the hunter make for the total experience in my book. Tradbow is the best resource to get started - lots of traditional archers on the site (obviously). Leave the wheely contraption at home on a shelf where it belongs (ok that's my nudge at all of you compound shooters out there). :)
I make quite a few wood arrows. Mostly use Douglas Fir shafts anymore...slightly heavier and tougher then POC.

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