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Will give it another try


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Going into work early and getting off early to head into the hills again this afternoon. Will try once again to fill my deer tag. Have everything loaded up and ready to go as soon as I get home from work. See ya all on Sunday night.
Well Friday came and went as did Saturday and today. Got up there and set up camp and had some of the best elk steaks ever on the grill. Got up at 4:00 and had eggs for breakfast and hoped on the ponies and headed in. It was a bit on the brisk side and remained that way all day. By 3:00 in the afternoon, the only thing we saw was some bear tracks and some deer & elk sign. Never saw a blasted thing to shoot at. TCHunter's horse got hurt last night so we came back in this morning and gave up a day of hunting. I am heading out again for elk camp on Wednesday afternoon early and will be gone for 3 1/2 weeks.
3 1/2 weeks?? Man Elky, you really have it made!! Can I come with you?? I know you can put me on a bull, unlike my dad :D :D :D!! Too bad about the deer though, but maybe you will blast a big bull instead.
That's to bad about not getting any thing this go around. But I am almost certain that you will succeed on the next!!! :D :D :D
Too bad about this weekend, but good luck on your elk vacation! You can't go wrong with 3 1/2 weeks in the hills, regardless of whether you kill anything!


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