Why Kill them ?


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Dec 11, 2000
Doug & Mule,

Arent you guys tough enough to hunt coyotes the Idaho way? catch and release and always PC.

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Del ,Steve said he dont mount animals here in Idaho that would be infamous crimes agaist nature ;) ;)

I have a freind with a lifesize cotoye mount.. he puts it on a rock and starts using a howling call... he has had other coyotes come right up and challenge it to a fight....
Dang, I saw the title and thought that MD4M had gone green! ;)

Nice 'yote! I assume it's not mounted, he's just holding it up? Although it kinda looks like he's giving it an, uh, exam.:eek:


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Its dead ,we had been out hunting and he shot this one first thing in the morning.
They wanted to move to another spot so we tossed this one in the truck,later that day a friend was going to start skinning them and Steve pulled this one out and it was really stiff.
:eek: :eek:
Scared me for a minute I thought MD had teamed up with that pussy that was posting about the wolves a few weeks back. "They are so beautiful, why destroy them" can you say closet ANTI? Nice Yote MD. Glad the title was just a joke. :D
Oh Boy.....I hope I don't have to post the varmint forum rules for you MD4Me. Oh wait there is no rules :D. Nice picture! ;)
Me turn Green on you guys? Like Mule said, NEVER.

Nut ,should of know you would pick that up & run with it.
You had me going on that one, for a min.I thought I posted the wrong picture
Doug, would be sending me the rules for sure
;) ;)

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LMAO You guys!!!
Tell Steve, great pic...I think it would be cool when I get a den to have one of those critters full mounted, (from behind) UUUH no!!I mean to have it look like it was trotting along with a bird in it's mouth with that look as if it had accomplished some thing really great...Or maybe some animal leg hanging in it's mouth.. :D
Russ, have seen a Hyenna with a zebra leg in it's mouth with drool and everything at one of the houses we do. Really cool lokking mount. Great pic MD.
I wish I could. I should see if I can get pictures of the place. It is like an African wildlife museum inside. One of the other places I check every week is just as cool, rhino, leopard, tiger, blonde griz, elephant tusks on mounted on the feet, dall sheep, sailfish to name a few and all the throw rugs are african game animals.