Who's bowhunting and what are you shooting??


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Dec 11, 2000
Up north
Season opens next week, I already have my herd picked out and will stick an arrow in the first elk that get's within 25 yards of me,be it a cow, calf or a bull. No elk last year means I must score this year.
I will be shooting my Hoyt Raptor, 1997 model, dual cams. Set at 68 lbs , 28 inch draw length , shooting Eastons Evolution carbon 340 arrow with Muzzy 115 grain broadheads.
Tanglefoot,wooooohooo I will be leaving on wed. after Steve gets home.
I am shooting a High Country Lite Force,draw lenght (so short we wont even go there )LOL
Pulling about 50 lb,Arrows are gold tip falcons,with a 100 gr.innerloc broadheads.I uae a release.
I have never taken anything with a bow so if I get lucky you all will hear me.
Steve is shooting a Mathews MQ -1 set at 65 lb,arrows( Beaman ICS 400 with 125 gr innerloc broadhead--finger shooter .
Good Luck to anyone that is going out,I cant wait to see your pictures and hear you storys.
Tanglefoot (you can just email those
pictures) ;) ;) ;)
Yep, think we all did !!! Hey good luck you two! and save one for me O.K. Ill be in Idaho from sept 7-16th and hopefully fill a tag . My goals are like Tanglefoot cow,calf,spike anything will do!!! i havent killed enough to be picky........yet!!!:D:D:D

Good luck to all those hunting opening day!!!!:D

Debbie, are you guys gonna be gone for two weeks or one!!! i would like to hear how things are going through the first week if possible ?!?!?!?
DKO,we are leaving on Wed. the 29th will come home Sunday Sept. 9th.
Are you flying home on the 16th ?
Let me know when you will be in Boise ,Im thinking you will be here on the 7th then go to your hunting spot? Then be back in Boise to leave on what the 15th or 16th? I would like the chance to meet you while your here.
It looks like the last weekend is the only time. Im not sure where we will be hunting on the 15th & 16th .
All depends on IF we have any luck the week before

If I dont get the chance to catch with you ,have a great time and best of luck to you.
I know you will have fun with moosie,but be warned your sides with hurt from laughing so hard. Hope you get to meet Wylee & Breezy both real nice.
Well I will only be able to get out for a few hours this weekend. Better than nothing.

I will be shooting a long bow and cedar arrows.

YAHOO tis the season.
Season starts here in IL. on Oct. 1st. I will be shooting a HCA Excalibur w/overdraw. I shot three deer withit last year and none ran more than 55yds. I really like this one so far.
Oct 6 th. Whitetail with my crossbow.
it will be my first hunt with it.
I am looking forward to it.
We can use crossbows here in Ohio.

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Viperess,that sounds fun. Did you just get the cross bow? How hard is it to pull back and set (or what ever you call that LOL)? Good luck and have fun.
Do all your boys have bow's?

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