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I DO, I DO. That is all that I hunting while I lived in IN, but now that I live in UT it's kinda hard. I am going to AZ in Jan. to try and stick a Couse whitetail. Must be nice to live in a state with so many whitetails!!!
Fred Bear considered the whitetail that toughest animal to harvest. He said that if they ever learned to climb mountains like goats/sheep that you would never kill them!!!
OK, Elky sorry Nut :(
Elky knows what tail is, whitetail I mean.
Hunted them for many years back east and haven't hunted them since the fall of 1988.
Haha! Yeah, I was gonna ask the same question, Elkhunter!!! I haven't ever hunted them, but sure would like to give it a try some day!

Welcome to Moosie's, mlemons!!!!!

I am headed for a whitetail hunt tomorrow. I have to work all day then drive most of the night to get to my old stomping grounds in South Dakota.

I just talked to my buddy and he has been scouting pretty hard the last couple of days and is seeing losts of little bucks, but no biguns. Doesn't matter, I am still fired up about the hunt and seeing some of my buds.

Hope to have some pictures of a nice one for all of you next week.

Later, and good luck to everyone.
Thanks for all of the replies. Yes I really enjoy living in the whitetail capital of the world, but would really like a change of scenery occasionally. Maybe some of us need to get together and do some hunt swappin sometime. I would love to have the opportunity to hunt bear, muley, or pronghorn. All I have to offer is whitetail deer and more feral hogs than you can shake a stick at. However, if you enjoy catching 4 to 10 lbs largemouths that could probably be arranged too.

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Well I just got back from my South Dakota whitetail hunt. Opening morning I missed a nice buck at about 300 yards. He was facing away from me and only gave me a neck shot through the trees. I saw several other bucks, but nothing to take on opening day.

On the second day I jumped a buck and he looked pretty good as he ran angling away from me. I put him down, but he ended up being smaller than I thought, but not too bad. Unfortunately he had broken about 5 inches from one of his main beams, but did have matching split G2's.


My buddies did better. One took a 140" 5x5 opening morning and the other a 135" (didn't measure, just guessing) 6x5 on the third day.

Next year I am going to try and hunt the second week of the season. This year the first week temperatures were in the mid-60's and zero rutting acitity. From the bucks we passed up this year, there should be some dandies next year. Hopefully I can draw and hunt this place again.
Hey Snowgoose, I was hunting on the good part of the state (west river). Just giving you a hard time.

I am originally from Sturgis and hunted just east of there. Below is a picture of one of my hick buddies who took this buck opening morning. He was a little disappointed he filled his tag first day out. I didn't feel too sorry for him.

I started hunting whitetails in 1965 and I am still hunting for them :D

With a little luck I will get to kill yet another one or 2 in another 9 days - our opener is Nov. 26th.

I am more interested in having "Nut" kill a buck and a doe on the first day. I hope he does.

Mlemons ..... I could refer you to another board if you want to talk WHITETAILS :D :D

J/K ... I never hutned them (YET) but have offers from around the country.. MAybe next year I will wack my first !!!!!!

MTmiller (NICE BUCKS !!!)
Nice pics of some whitetails guys thanks for posting and congrats!!!! You all did better than me on them whitetails this year so far 0-2 and stil have one tag to go for one.
Sorry to bring the whitetail thread back to the top Moosie, but I had an interesting hunt this weekend that I wanted to share. Althugh I took my buck earlier in the season, I pushed some river bottoms for a friend who had not filled. It was one of the most entertaining hunts I had been involved with in a long time.

First I found a nice four point shed early in my walk and hauled it out with me. When I was nearing the end of my drive I heard some antlers crashing and thought it was probably my friend doing a little rattling. I hit the ground and did some glassing. Suddenly I saw two bucks beating the hell out of each other about 75 yards in front of me. I watched them for a couple of minutes, but could not see how big they were because of the thick cover. I finally lost them when the fight was over, but when I found the fight location the ground was plowed up and there was quite a bit of blood in the area.

I could still see some deer out in front, so I sat down and beat up a tree with the shed I had found earlier. This got a little reaction from 4 small bucks. They came to within 30 yards of my position, but were not very aggressive. Suddenly I caught some movement from the side and I slowly turned my head while the binoculars were still to my face. At about fifty yards a nice 4 point was headed directly at me. He was coming fast and the side of his face was all bloody. At 10 yards I got nervous and lowered my glasses. This finally made him stop and he ran off as I was reaching for my camera. Man it was rush to be charged by a bloody pissed off buck.

The other bucks were still very close, so I checked them out again with the binos. It was then that I noticed one of the bucks looked to have a limp. After closer examination I could see he had only one front leg. I mean there was no leg what so ever. There was nothing protruding from the shoulder. The area was completly smooth and it looked as if the deer was born this way instead of an injury.

The bucks finally moved off and I continued the drive. When I got to the end I didn't think my buds would believe the three legged deer story. Fortunately they saw the deer walk in front of them before it ran off. They said if they had only seen it running they would not have had a clue he was missing a leg. He had no problem keeping up with the rest of the deer in the herd.

Sorry this was so long, but I had to share. Has anyone else ever seen or heard of anything like this before?
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