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Whitetails in Dec


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Okay besides it being extremely warm for the month (70 degrees today). The gun season ended Sunday here and now the public lands will have much less pressure. (The pvt lands I hunt on are hrs away and I have no plans on driving that far this month.)
How would you hunt now?
'Nut, Do you have a Muzzle loader? If not, Christmas is coming!! :D:D

I've only once been lucky enough to get one with a bow in Dec. or Jan. The way I hunt them is by finding a spot where the feed regularly and get down wind prior to their expected arrival at their feeding spot well in advance. I think they are actually MORE predictable as the weather gets more "Seasonal" for winter than it is now.

With an accurate muzzleloader that week after Christmas would be my best advice to ya. ;) WD
We've had the best hunting funnels near bedding areas. Just don't get too close. As the hunting pressure and temp. drops the deer will start moving later in the morning and earlier in the evening. One time while squirrel hunting in Dec. I had 11 does come within 25 yards of me. I was between two of our deerstands near a funnel. More I think about it, funnels are good pretty much all the time!!!
I have to agree with WDSwift, that the deer become even more predictable as the cold weather becomes more predominate. Funnels are excellent ways to hunt the deer this time of year but the deer movement times are hard to get down. Plan on a lot of sitting and it is a good idea to invest in some really good cold weather gear. Also remember that these deer have had a hard go with the slug season and all the pressure the hunters put on them. There is no folliage to hide you up in the tree now so I like to hunt way up. I will hunt anywhere from 25 ft. to 35ft. if the trees in the area will let me climb that high. this puts you well above the normal line of site and out of view of those warry eyes.

Thats the best I can come up with :D
This warm wather kinda sucks for deer hunting.
The deer here seem to be feeding as if it were cold already so I would look at food sources, and hope to find a good buck chasing a doe. I saw a buck hot after a doe this morning so its not out of the question yet.
Ok, Im gonna need some advice on hunting Whitetail...In wyoming I hunted them only once but since Im moving to Mississippi in 2 weeks I figured I better find out more about them........Anyone have any helpful advice or website links?
BL ;)
Hi blacklighting,
If I am not mistaken Missippi has a lot of whitetails but because of the liberal tag limits the big ones are a little harder to find. Having hunted out west a couple of times I think it is easier hunting whitetails in this part of the dont have to cover a lot of realestate to find them. Speaking of realestate, finding a GOOD place to hunt will probably be your biggest hurdle the farther east you get. Good luck to you.

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