White Mountain Reservation Bull


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Dec 18, 2000
Mesa, AZ
Here is a picture of Tom Lewis's bull taken on the
White Mountain Apache Res. with the tag we sold him at the RMEF National convention this last Feb.

It scores: 415 5/8 Gross and 406 Net.

When booked it should be the third largest 6X6 ever taken!



Thats is a monster for sure. and look at that steep country. What did that tag cost him and what share did the RMEF get? We auctioned an AR tag a few times at our chapter and we got 85%.
I was at the auction in Reno and I think the tag went for $18,000 or maybe that was the Navajo tag? It went for a pretty good penny though................
HOLY COW!!! That thing is a monster. I know its a res, but I only see elk that big coming off of hunting ranches. I used to have a bud that grew up in Springerville. He was always telling my about the monsters on the White Mountains reservation. Take some pictures of that bull to the convention banquet this winter and that hunt will auction for some increadible money.

Do you know who guided him to kill this monster on the 'Rez? I know a few guides up there, wonder if it was one of them.


I don't know for sure who the guide was. I just got the email from Lyle this afternoon.

Stan, I wasn't in Reno, but if he got this tag for $18,000 he stole it. You know what those tags cost to the public. With the new score based costing for thier tags, this should have been about a $42,000 Elk.

As for the country, I understand via rumor line that they hunted for all of 3 hours before they shot this monster, and walked about 400 yards.. It's a tough hunt, but someone has to do it!

The story will be out soon, then we'll all know the truth.. or at least what story they'll stick to..

Dan, I know that the Rez tags went for under market value. For some reason 18,000 sticks out in my mind. I could be very wrong though. The San Carlos tags now go for $ 25,000 with no trophy fee................
Thats a real nice one Danr.. i saw one that was in his class[but smaller] and running last week up on the Unit 1/unit27/apache reservation [triangle] thanks for the pic....someday.. i pray for a unit 1 bull tag.
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