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Dec 11, 2000
next to the rock over by the tree on the other sid
cuz for some reason it bothers me. i dont have a problem raising elk for meat and antlers but selling this kind of hunt on ebay seems like it could really fuch us hunters. This elk is feeding out of a trough like my fathers horses :mad:


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If a person has 9500.00 bucks to spend on this type of hunt, well, more power to them.

You know there are some who don't live where the elk are, next to the rock over by the tree on the other side of the hill,

and besides I'm finding out that non-resident licenses are hard to come by in most states....draw tags that is.

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IMHO the Elk is a majestic animal and should be EARNED not bought. I am not in favor of this type of "hunting" and I believe that it gives hunters a bad name.
I don't care how anyone hunts ...BUT.

Don't pass off that 350+ class bull as something you busted ass for if you didn't.

Can I bore you with a story??

Thanks I will.

Had this contract. My point of contact was this engineer,worked for a electrical contractor. Great guy, lots of fun to drink beer with. We spent most spare time talking hunting. Along with some of the electricians who were huntin dudes too. Anyhow,this engineer was an elk Expert. Had the antlers on the wall, all that good shit.

Turns out one of the electricians took this guy hunting two years before and he didn't get an elk. No biggy there. But he went and bought a canned hunt to get those horns.

So I check all this shit out and called him on it. Asked him if he got his bull at such and such game farm.(Elk penned in on 4 sections with 9 foot fence)

Fugger turned white!!!!!

So the moral of this is.

I don't care where you shoot it. I don't care how you shoot it. Just don't lie about HOW you GOT it!!

Edited cuz I'm starting to type like moosie

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Although it is a harvest I would never want, I do not feel it is up to me or anyone else to pass judgement on the way anyone else hunts. It is their time and their money and none of my business how they choose to use either. I agree with Mule on this one also. Just do not go around bragging (Lieing) about how it was taken.
I got to agree with everyone here on this.A magnificent trophy should be earned.But, irregardless how it was taken-not lie as to how they got it, or "acquired it".I added "acquired"as I have my own little story to add...I know of a hunter with several nice whitetail bucks mounted and on the wall-all of them roadkills!!! These he passed off as his own trophies. How pathetic!!

That is a very nice looking little bull!!!
I also agree that if this is the way you want to hunt, so be it...It sure helps the economy where these farms are at. I just wouldn't be caught using these services..Even if I did have the money..I find it hard to even use the concept of a guide..But There are a lot that do use their services also...May be because I'm cheap. Could more be that I want all of the glory and don't want to share...... :D :D :D
I would never consider this hunting. If they can guarentee you that you are going to kill that bull it would be just like going out back and shooting your dog. How hard is that?? This is the kind of stuff that makes hunters look like we just walk up and shoot an animal and I totally disagree with fenced hunts if the animal can't get out of the property and come in as they please. That's my opinion!!
I agree hunt how you like but be honest that you bought it. Every year we run a biggest whitetail pool at work 6 guys 20.00 a piece and he who wins gets the pot one of the other drivers bought a set of antlers that won 2 years ago. last year somebody found out and it went around how he cheated. He couldn't handle all the embarresment and he quit. Just makes me sick what some people do to show how great they think they are.
I wouldn't call this hunting.
You'd think the guy would have chased it out into some trees before taking the picture, and then airbrushed out the ear tag so it would at least LOOK like a wild bull.
There should be a law requiring some type of tatoo on pen raised animals so they could never be passed off as wild animals.
I don't have any problem with somebody paying a pile of money to shoot that pet elk, if thats what they want. Aint no different than slaughtering a cow for beef & a hide.

No shit?!?! Roadkills??

Man thats just freakin LOW.

Keeerist...If I caped out all the road kills I have come across my home would look like fuggin' Cabelas!!!

I'd give that guy shit the rest of his fuggin' life!!
Here's my take. If someone wants a prety picture on their wall, they go out and buy it. They don't say tht they painted it, And no-one gives them chit for buying a painting.

If someone wants a 400 Class bull on their wall and buys it, No one should give them Chit for having it on his wall....
Moosie, It's actualy more similar to an escort service. You know if a guy can't get a date.. or when he does it's only big fugly chow-hounds will go out with him and he doesn't want to be seen in public with those types... he shells out the cash and gets a pretty date for the night.

Do you think the guys that pay the pretty women to be thier dates tell everybody "Hey this is my hooker friend Jane." I doubt it. It's more like,"This is my friend Jane."

I'd bet it's the same way when the 400pt bull's on the wall. "Hey that's my game farm elk. I shot it with it's head in the bucket. It was real neat man." I doubt it goes like that.

Funny, and ok if that's what your into. haha
Moosie, "No one should give them Chit for having it on his wall...."

Now what fun would that be? :D :D
Mule,Yep thats what he did....Some were even composites-horns from 1,cape from another, depending on the damage....Don't think he ever fired a shot during deer season,ever...

Hey Elky......you spoke of not passing judgement on the way anyone else wants to "hunt"........your may be right about not passing judgement, but you should use another word other than hunt when describing the taking of that bull in the feed trough......the tuyffest hunt on the morning he is taken will be the hunt for the truck keys in amongst all the pocket change on the dresser :rolleyes:

I wonder how many heads taken in this method do slip into the records for wild game..........hopefully not many......and this guy would have a tough time explaining the big ass hole punches left in the ear after he ditches that big red tag! :D ...he could always build up a story about how a big grizzly fought him for the elk after it hit the ground and tore huge plugs out of one ear! :eek:

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