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Whats your favorite cow call?

JB Florida

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Dec 9, 2000
Florida/Gulf ShoresAlabama
and does it work in the wet?
I have a Sceery ACE 1 cow call and i really like it, had a carlton call but didnt care for it to much. Not sure how it works in the rain though, havent used it in any wet conditions.
.....what did MmmmmmooooooooOOOOOO.....and then when my favorite cow answers my favorite cow call, she backs up to our stump and then.......wait a minute.....what did kirkl mean about a scary call???
I rally like the Sleezy cow talk from Berry game calls. It works great. And the cool thing is that I learned how to use it in about one day, Glen Berry tought me how at a sportsmen's show and I practiced it at home.
Quick Draw
I have an Ace 1, and a Hoochie mama.
Both make great sounds, but the Hoochie mama is really easy to use. It's a push bulb type, so if it's raining, you can keep it in a pocket and still use it.
Depends on which bar I'm going to.. Oh wrong type of Cow Call.

Primos>>>>>>>>>> Primos>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Primos!!!!!!! Hey did I mention Primos? Great calls whether they are the pallet plate, the lead cow/Calf, or the great HOOCHIE MAMA! They are easy to use, sound great, and they bring in elk!

Berry Best in-mouth diaphram calls. I mostly archery hunt for elk. You can call while at full draw or shooting.
I use a few different cow calls. The hoochie mamma is the easiest and best sounding call out there right now. I also like the Hyperhot by woodswise, and use a Carlton triple reed diaphram for mouth calling and to stop bulls where I need them.

I tried the sceery calls last fall and had horrible luck with the reed freezing up. They sounded great for a call or three then the reed would stick to the call. I guess I just get that particular cow "too wet"

Does any one else have this problem with sceery? If so what do you do to keep them in working order?

Berry game calls..The Sleezy cow call, and the thunder bugle..At the last out door show here, Glen Berry acted like I was the only person there while he taught me how to use the Thunder Bugle.( Ireally think the only reason he did it was he had the hots for Quick Draw,,,Don't you think so Kraven)


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