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What ya expecting,


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
and what are you settling for.......

Those Sizes are usually 100% different in what we get. Or at least for me.... I always Expect to get Mr 28" wall hanger, and end up with Bambi.. Usually due to lack of pacience...

This year if It's not mid 20's..... they are all walking.... (Someone remember and remind me later this year K') HAH !!

So, what are you expecting/ settling for ?!!?
I'll be happy if I get to go hunting for a couple of days this fall!

Last year I took a 160" mulie and a 120" whitetail, so I am going to try and hold out for something bigger in each catagory.

Meat is not much of an issue this year since I put three deer and an elk in the freezer last fall. Hopefully this will allow me to be patient this year and let the questionable bucks walk on by.

Hopefully I won't be a liar when the season rolls around. :D
I pick a whitetail in september and hunt him only.(That is a plus to hunting private ground).If it gets late in the season I will take another.Last year the deer i picked in september fooled me all year so I had to take a smaller deer. But I will go without rather than shoot a doe.
Last season(2001):

My goal was a 25" or bigger buck. Well it wasn't a problem finding a buck that wide, even found 2 that were close to if not 30" BUT buckfever took over and I missed at the ones i did get within range at. So my goal this year is, upper 20's buck, but my main goal is to control buck fever and practice a lot more with my rifle.
WELL HECK.. just after typing this I went bear hunting.. I should have set goals before I left on that ;) HAHA

ANyway, good luck to you all and hope you succeed. I think the goals here can be met ... Although finding time for C.O. and not getting buck feaver for Younghunter, are going to be tough !!!!!

MTMiller, did ya pass any bucks up before that 160 mulie ? Or were ya just lucky and didn't have to hold out for it ?
No, he was the first buck I saw on the first morning. I had chased this guy several times with my bow, so I new he was in the area. When I was packing him out I saw several other decent bucks and one that may have been a little larger.

Only down side for 2002, is I am moving 7/1 and will have to get busy on some scouting. The good part is this may be a better area for some bigger bucks (more remote public land).

I would ask about the bear, but I have a feeling the information is probably posted below. congratulations...
To start.
I would like to fill my elk,deer,antalope,another turkey,and maybe a bear tag. Along with that, I guess I will be taking possibly three nephews and a niece out. So I would like to help them all get at least one animal. That would be a very big highlight. :D
Im not real picky :D
I say every year that I will hold out for something bigger ,but we all know I wont.
So this year anything deer with my bow will be good.
For elk this year(anyone that isnt sporting a milk mustache )
If I happen to get a deer with my bow ,I can always buy a left over out-state tag ,so I could still do some rifle hunting .
Big if.But it doesnt hurt to dream :D :D

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185 gross and up. Width doesnt matter to me. Overall score is what matters the most. If it is last day of deer season we shoot "cull deer" or deer that may not have it genetically. I wont be hunting muleys this year b/c it takes me 1 yr to become a Wyoming resident AGAIN! But my family owns a large ranch in SW Wyoming in the mountains by Bridger/ Teton Forrest. About strait west of Labarge, Wyoming. So the deer you see on the labarge winter range come off of our ranch. Some anyways.

Later, MM