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Read what would you do #3... Then answer this one. What would you do if almost the Same situation happened but just a Bit different. Right in front of you a 5 point bull Bails into the Canyon. You touch off the Round and think It's a good hit. (Because Any time we pull the trigger we should be thinking that eh ?)

Anyways, you're still heading to the ridge when you see your 5 point on the Other side still running. You look at it and think you hit it but It's running good still. You put it back in your Scope and BANG !!! Down it goes finnaly. Cool, It's only 1/4 mile from the truck and you'll be eating dinner with the 8 guys you're hunting with. As you finish heading to the ridge and start walking down, You see the bull on the other side laying there... But.... Right in front of you there is another 5 point bull... CRAP, there was 2 and you had no Idea.

Same situation as the (#3) but there is 2 Bulls down this time.

What would ya do ?~?~
Tough one for sure.

The right thing to do would be to turn yourself in and explain the situation.

Other possible alternatives exist, with the 8 buddies and all, but that would drag them into your mess...I'd never ask or expect anyone to get themselves involved.

I saw this train wreck coming many years ago when I was shooting elk with a dirty-ought-six. I'd get into a herd, shoot one and they'd never react to the hit...just run off like the rest. Then I'd have to scratch my head and wonder if I should take an easy shot at another one, as I wasnt POSITIVE that I'd hit the first one. I made the wrong decision once. I grew awful tired of that crap, and moved to a 338 with heavy bullets. I've never had to "guess" whether or not an elk I shot at was hit since then. They always buckle or stumble showing signs of being hit, which totally avoids this situation from happening.

The best bet is to not shoot again until you can confirm that your first one was either a hit or miss. Yep, it will cost you an elk once in a while, fact. But, it will also prevent you from killing 2.
Been there done that. 2 big four points {Muleys}. I shot the buck at about 75 yards in an opening, he ran for an aspen patch about 20 yards wide, I run about 20 yards and this same looking high racked 4 pointer come out and looked like he may be slightly buggered as he trots across this next opening, Bam I busted him. Triped on buck # 1 going to buck # 2. Aw crap! Well on the way out I knew therewas a chck staion so I went up ther and pulled over and fessed up. I got to keep both deer for my honesty and was fined 50 bucks. It happens unfortunatley.... Cody
That one's easy. Tag the nicest one. Then go home and call Operation Game Thief - give em Del's license plate #, and a description on how you saw this guy poaching elk....
Well if Moosie is my pard on this hunt it looks like he just go hisself a bull. Besides if I show it to him and leave it for a couple hours he will gut and skin it anyway. Give him another day and I suspect he will even pack it out.
Since I don't hunt elk this will never be a problem for me.
I totally agree with you on the elk not reacting to bullets, i think that this situation might happen more than we think. My first three elk I killed (all cows) with a 30.06 and they really didn't react to the shot. I got a 7 mag now, but darn if i can't find a bull to test it out on!

a 270 or a 30.06 might get the job done...but at a price!

As for this situation, i don't know what the hell i would do!

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Hmmm....I never thought of a .30-06 as a "marginal" elk caliber. Out of truckloads of bulls I have shot with this caliber, only one made it past straight down and he only went 20 yards. I think you were using the wrong bullets and possibly had poor shot placement. Flinch
Flinch, thats what im thinking, i use a 270 and have no probs, give it a couple more years and the 300 win mag will be a marginal caliber. My cousin had a good shot on a spike elk last year with his 7 mag, it just kept running and went up to the road above him where somebody else was sitting and that guy killed it. had 2 bullett holes in him. So does that make the 7mag a marginal caliber.
I'm lost why did you take the first shot if your not sure with your self. pluse if you thought you made a good shot the first time why are you shooting at another bull that dosent look hit.
tag and gut the bigger of the two, gut the smaller one, break out your pack saw and cut the main beam off at 12" saw off the eye guards and let moosie tag this NOW trophy spike! cause we all know that moosie only shoots spikes.
Flinch and kirkl,

It isnt a matter of 270's or dirty oughts being able to kill elk, its the matter of seeing a reaction to the hit and finding them after the hit.

Also, again, not meaning to ruffle feathers, but I'd have to guess the "truckload" of bulls you killed that went "straight down, with the exception of one going 20 yards" were all shot in the spine/head/neck with the '06.

In my limited experience of killing 14 elk with my '06 (load was 55.5 grains imr 4350 180 grain protected point nosler partitions, mv: 2750fps), a lung shot elk typically ran 100ish yards and piled up. I only shot one elk more than one time but on at least 6-7 of those cases, I wasnt sure if I'd even hit them...and that aint a good thing. Only one was a "marginal" hit, the one that took two shots.

Since then I've killed 10 with a 338 and I've always known right away they were hit, recovery distances are a tad shorter (not that much shorter), but one big thing is much better blood trails.

Yelp all you want about the 270's and '06's being "great" elk rifles but they just dont stack up to or perform on elk as well as 338's, 340 weatherby, 35 whelen, and similar...FACT.

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I, er, ah, don't know what I'd do !
By the way, Moosie, do ya have any extra room in your freezer ?

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Well, my hunting partner happens to be a meat junkie, and he'd GLADLY tag that bull and help pack it out and I'd give it to him (except the rack of course!:0)

If he wasn't there my other alternative would be to get the wife a tag and if that didn't fly for whatever reason, I'd bone them out, leave one rack and get out of there. I'd probably put a good portion of the boned meat in a duffle bag in my extra cab.

On the '06. Thats what I shoot and I will continue to shoot for a while. I too think you dont see the reaction like the big guns, but I will never be afraid to keep using my '06. And yeah, if they were dropping straight to the ground you are almost always doing massive nerve damage (spine/brain).

One reason I will likely switch to a super mega ultra mag someday with big heavy tough bullets, is so I can more comfortably take marginal shots at tough angles. If I have a 350 bull standing steep quartering away or dead away, i wouldn't hesistate to drive one in from behind with a big gun, but will hesitate (for a short moment) with my ought six.

Good Luck All!
I'd ask every one first if they would like to tag out, if not, then off to fish and game I would go to make it right with them, it seems that with a group of people, some are alway's there for the social aspect of it so they don't mind tagging out if it means they can sit in camp and enjoy the vacation...

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