What Treestand....


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Aug 28, 2002
What is the best choice for a climbing treestand? I am primarily a bow hunter and would like something comfortable but more important...SAFE. Any suggestions?

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Well you could always try to pull the Lazy Boy recliner up into the tree if you wan't to be comfortable.
Safety wise, I think it would probably be smart to secure it to the tree by using some airline cable. Oh what the heck do I know, I don't hunt from a treestand, sorry about that man.
API Grandslam and Ol'man or two good bow stands if you like to have a rail around you. If you don't like having a rail, Loggy Bayou makes a good stand. I have one of each of these and like them all.It just depends on where I'm at as to which one I use.
tree stand

Equlizer is also a great safe stand and it ajustes as you go up the tree
What Treestand

The original rms Queen Elizabeth but I like the second one too, Im not happy with what theyre planning to do with her in Dubai
The guy with the Lazyboy Idea had it right. Check out a Tree Lounge climbing tree stand. Very comfortable. I've used mine for 12 years now.