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What is your hunting rig?

Calif. Hunter

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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
What do you drive? I have a new 2002 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab 4x4. It's already been to New Mexico and back in one weekend, and it handled the rain and a backroad snowstorm just fine. It's the short bed, so my wife can drive it around town easily.

Now if I can just get my 3-year old son to stop telling me every morning: "Daddy, I don't want you to take my big truck!" :D (I drive a Honda Civic to work...)
I got a Ford 150 4x4 with 33 inch tires and it hit 150,000 miles last weekend. Those tires and clearance are great for mud, thorns, and obstacles on the hunting roads. My jeep cherokee has about 295,000 miles and doesn't have the go anywhere capability of the truck but its been to a lot of states.
cali...why such a big truck?????hmmmmmmmm.;)

i drive a 98 dodge dakota 4x4 with the extended cab.....gotta v-6 in it(not much power) does what i need it to do.

been thinking bout buying a new truck......which one??????

I have a 90 chevy 3500k 1ton (not the dually) and a 84 chevy suburban both 4x4'x both big.. 2 reasons for the size One I know if I get into and accident I have a 90% chance of making it and 2 I like the leg room..


You dirty dog, I envy you.:D I'm a Ford man, but mine is quite abit older. I have a 87
red/white f250 4x4. All I use it for is to
hunt and cut down the family Christmas tree.
Thats about it. Its only got 100,000 miles
on it, and has always ran great. That doesn't
mean I wouldn't love a new one!
I have a 1990 Ford F250 Super cab long bed with a 460. this truck now has 247,000 mi. motor has never been touched. I pull a 20 ft. boat behind it on most weekends. strongest truck I ever owned anywhere you go out of Phoenix is uphill and until it clicked over 200,000 mi. nothing slowed it down haven't seen anything yet that will keep up with it when it comes to pulling loads on Arizona mountains. when it gets 300,000 mi. I'm going to put a new motor in it
Yeah, JB - I know what they say about big guns and big trucks making up for other "shortcomings"! ;) At least I'm not the only here who likes big Fords!!! :D So far, Fords are in the lead....

I bought a heavy-duty truck to ensure that it would tow anything I need to haul, and I believe that the heavier duty the truck and engine, the longer it will last since it's not working as hard as a smaller, high-revving engine. I bought a new one to take advantage of the low rates being offered, with the idea that I would keep it a looong time.
Guess I am out numbered on here by the FORD crew. I have a 2000 Dodge diesel in 3/4 ton, quad cab short bed. Really nice for pulling the horse & trailer, like it's not even there. On a trip I get 23 mpg and around town pulling the horses I get like 18 still. It is a midnight blue and I am awaiting patiently for my custom made headache rack for it which will truely be one of a kind.
Califhunter,OH man what a truck.
We keep trying to talk ourselfs into that one.
We now have a 98 F250 power stroke diesel ext. cab long box.
We pull a 22 ft camp trailer.
Steve made a rack for the bed of the truck
so we can drive the two ATVs up on top of the bed and still have all the room under it for our gear.
I have a '98 Ford F150 Ext. Cab XL. Now I am different than the rest of the Ford owners here in that I don't have anything to pull or can afford to buy anything to pull!!! :D I just needed a 4X4 to ensure that I could get to and from school, being that I have to drive through a canyon that can get pretty nasty when it snows. It only has the 302, but I've been pretty impressed with it. When in AZ Del made sure that I tested out some of the 4X4 qualities. Some of those roads were pretty 'fun'!!! :rolleyes: I made it in and out with no trouble, but I could definitely see the advantages of a shorter, narrower, wheel base for certain instances. It is called JEEP TRAIL for a reason.
Anaconda, your not the only one who owns a Jap Rig!! I have a Nissan Frontier 2000 Crew Cab. The 4 doors is nice to haul around the family....


I have a 1991 Ford F150 Ext cab Nite Edition.I have 32x11.5 inch tires and a canopy on it.I wish that the 4 wheel was like my Dodge Dakota that I used to own.The ford gets around great but the Dodge just handled better.I cant wait to get my Dodge Diesel one of thse years.

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I hunt in a 2013 Dodge Challenger, 5.7 hemi!!!! Its not 4 wheel drive, but no one beats me to my hunting spot!

That was actually true, until I made my mind up that Im moving to Montana, so I traded it on an older truck.
I drive a 2006 Tundra 4x4 4 door. I really love this truck. I'm about to break 100,000. Every time I get an itch for a new truck, I just look at the sticker price. Then I realize how Awsome my truck really is!
I have a 1999 Ford 150 , 4x4 , still running and still going up mountain roads. It runs so well I have no interest in looking for another truck.
My granson just got a 2014 Ford 150 and it has all the new electronics , it even has a towing package with the brake controller built into the dash.
'94 Ranger XL, complete with a freakin' cassette player. 125K. It gets me to the woods & back and the bed is just long enough for me to bunk in, when needed.