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What is you call and carry gun?

My all time favorite Calling Cal is the .17. Currently I am shooting the 30gr Gold out of my.17DT or (.100" short) .17PPC. The Action is a Rampro SS with a 4 0z Jewell HVR. 24" #5.5 Shilen 1-10" twist. 3-9x Zeiss optics. Pillar bedded into a Wenig laminated Varminter (scaled down). Myself and Barrelmaker Jeff Lawrence out of Montana are currently working on a .15 cal cartridge (.15 SLV) which will also be based on a shortened PPC case,More than likely it will be the next one i experiment with, in 22-25gr bullet weights!
Holy Be-jeezus Blaine, you have some nice toys! Looks like I need to stop by and 'borrow' a brace or two!!

1&2. Marlin MR-7 30-06 with 125gr Sierra's Here's the mojo

3. I'm thinking a 223AI, Tact 20, 6mm BR (or PPC), or one of Blaine's 17's will be my next one. I want something that is FUN to shoot, requires little poweder (~30-32gr powder), has the stuff for coyotes outwards of 300yds or more, and can perform on targets out to 5-600yds. This gun will be built in a slightly heavy sporter configuration (~9-10# all up) so as to be good practice for big game hunting. Any comments?
Well,I took Blaines advice and bought a 17rem barrel for my encore.That and the Tact 20 I ordered will probably be my main predator guns.Neither one is in my hands yet,still waiting on the manufacturer.
My current coyote gun is a Rem model 700 BDL 24" heavy barrel in a 222 rem.

My wife has decided that she likes to shoot the 222 and that I need another rifle for coyotes. I am still decideing just what calibur to get. With all of the Tact 20's being built, how am I suposed to be different? The story of my like too little too late.
My next call gun that I get I want one that has up to 500 yrds range. But that is fur friendly as one could possibly expect with something with that kind of range.

Any suggestions for caliburs?
If I am doing any calling in open range where the shots are a long ways.. my gun or choice will be a 300 win mag with a 180 balistic tip(thats the only bullet I shoot with this gun)

If the calling is med to far its my .243 with a 90grain ballistic tip...

If its short under with a few shots of being over 50 yards its my bushmaster shorty, or shotgun, sometimes a pistol...

Geezzz, I shoot a 220 swift, killed more coyotes then I can remember with it. I BS alot, so don't believe this old fart ok lol. The real truth is a 222, 22-250 and the old swift has probably killed more coyotes in the last 40 years then a 223 and a 17 put together well do in the next 50 years. Only my opinion boys lol.
Always been a 22-250/ 52 grain Speer or Starke(out of biz) hollowpoint. I used a 243 and 25-06 a couple of seasons but really more bloodshed than needed. The ol'25-06 would really reach out and whack em though with 85 grain Ballistic tips.
I did shoot a .17 Rem for awhile but I just couldnt rely on it to anchor em.
Ive always switched back to a 22-250, nowdays a Rem ADL that will be tricked out in the future.
Lone Howl, I don't remember if I told you this already. I saw what looked like a albino coyote ( pure white ) in Pixley, that's not to far from you. You guys have alot of coyotes out there and I can see why, they feed them real good in Pixley lol.
My Main call gun is my Savage 340 in 222.I also use my Browning A-5 12 Gauge.And I have a Savage model 11 in 22-250 that I am getting ready just in case.
Yep, I used to hunt pheasants every year in Pixley.Lions club releases birds in farmland around the area.
These days I skip the birds and shoot fat ass coyotes.Amazing they still come in after eating pheasant all night.
But yes, Ive seen a couple of em here.But of course no one believes me.

I need to come out your way sometime and poke around the desert. I love it out there.Except for the wind, dirt, cactus, critters etc

My machine is a Remington 700 VS w/ a 6x18x50ao Bushnell scope and Harris bipod. I load a 50 grn V-MAX MOLY ontop of VARGET.
My next machine would be another 22-250. Which I already got. I love that caliber enough not to go anywhere else.