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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
in the minds of stupid people?
This afternoon a person saw some elk and jumped out of the truck and raced across the sagebrush towads some elk. His clothing had a lot to be desired, sort of a cross between green, gray, brown and no orange, which is madaitory for rifle hunting anywhere in the state of Wyoming. Now ther are a lot of crazy, stupid, ignorant people that hunt around here this time of year, just read QD's post in the Wyoming Predation Hunt forum. A lot of these people herd shot. A lot of them get real excited and just shoot at running objects, especially if they are running with the elk. Well this guy was not only stupid but also broke the law about the Hunter Orange requirements. When people in his party were questioned about it they said it was OK because it was not a requirement but it was recommended. So this only told me they knew didly about the laws in Wyoming and would do anything to take down an elk. What is wrong with these arse holes anyway?
I really dislike this type of hunter. It is because of one of these yohons that I took a wounded elk last year, instead of one of the healthy ones and ended up with a whole hind quarter that was ruined because it had been hit center and destroyed that whole side of the animal....
we saw a ton of people like that when we were up there. that is the reason QD and i chose not to kill an elk in that hayfeild, to many people shooting toward other people
Hey maybe they were dropped on their heads on a child??? Or maybe they are the youngest in their family and their older brother or sister kicked them in their head just to see if they would cry??? Or something like that.
And tim is right too many people shooting in different directions, not to mention at elk that they didnt' know if it was a cow or bull of any standard.

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Then you guy's will have to get in shape for next year and come on up to the top of the hill were the animals arn't spooked and the other hunters for the most part just arn't at...