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Feb 27, 2002
i have only used 2 types of scopes other than the swift that i consider to be in the middle.the 2 types are cheap as i can get or leupold.jack oconner seems to have had good luck with lower end scopes but most people i know have not. people who have had good luck with cheap scopes will not spend the extra because they cant justify the difference, nor would i until my wife got me one. if leupold was not an option what are some other reputable scopes that will hold up to medium to heavy recoil, not fog or leak and carry a warranty. i heard nikon was a great scope and then they came out with the buckmaster series and the whole company went to hell, is this true. im sure the really high end imported scopes are fine but who can afford to top all their rifles with them.i have a bsa on my 10/22 and my 22 mag but i dont think i would put that scope on my 223.but i know some other bsa scopes that guys are really happy with.whats your opinion

I have no problem putting a cheap scope on my .22 for plinking and squirrels.

For big game I'm ok with dropping some coin for some higher quality. My 3 big game rifles have a Burris 3-9 on my 300 win, an old Redfield 2-7 on my 30-06, both have been used heavily, gotten wet, and have performed flawlessly. On my new 270 I put a Weaver GrandSlam on it. I've heard good things about it, but I've yet to sight it in. I have no complaints about any of them.

T Bone
I have a TASCO 4X-16X scope on my prairie dog rifle. Rifle has been fired over 3,000 times and scope has not failed. Paid about $120. for it in 1997.

For two decades I had a cheap 2.5X Weaver on my Remington .308 and hunted the Bighorns, Tetons, and Bearlodge many times. Tough weather at times with sleet turning to deep snow. It held up fine but the optics were never condusive to accurate shooting beyond 150 yards. So I hunted closer and passed up long shots.

It was replaced with a TASCO 2X-7X wideview in 1991 (made in Japan)and is still a good scope. Made a 325 yard shot at a bedded antelope buck once. Its been rained on a few times. Snow on several times and still has not failed. It's a keeper.

I'm replacing a junky TASCO Pronghorn series 3X-9X scope on our .243 Remington. Optics are fuzzy around the edges and less-than-ideal. Yet 7 antelope and 2 mulies were killed with one shot each. Does it work? yes. Is it a quality scope? no. But paid $29.95 for it and we got our money back in use.

I ordered a Simmons 2X-7X Pro Hunter from cheaperthandirt. Paid less than $70. Will mount it on our family's .243; hope to get 10 years or more use.

Bushnell has always built good products. My binoculars cost me $29. in 1991 and they're quite good!

In summary, I've had good luck with lower priced scopes. I do have one Leupold scope. Its nice but not much better in clarity and eye relief than scopes costing one fourth the price.
i also have a 3x9 tasco pronghorn on my 243 and that is the reason for my question. i am not going to spend that kind of money on a leupold for a kids rifle, altough my 11 year old has been very sucessful with my 308 that has a leupold and really takes care of it.i really like the swift that i have but to get above the 4x that i have i might as well buy a leupold vx-i for him.
I've heard great reviews of the Bushnell Elite 3200. They're supposed to be on par witht eh VX-II. Weavers also have a good rep. You can get a K6 for about $150.
what about the nikon buckmasters. i have heard that they are junk ,is that true.
I've had good luck with the one on my Dad's '06. No bobbles yet. The only thing I hate about it is that it makes Jackie Bushwoman some money!!! That guy sucks.
The biggest problems I have seen with the "cheaper" scopes are...they do not have constant eye relief and while using a bore sighter and moving the power up or down, changes the point of impact on the bore sighter grid.
I just looked in the latest Cabela's catalog. Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x is $199.99, Leupold VX-1 3-9x is $199.99. Or you can get a VX-1 2-7x for $179.99. I'd go with the Leupold simply because it's made right here in the U.S. Might as well support the U.S. companies and the people that they employ, especially now with the way the econonmy is. I see the Bushnell Elite 3200 is also $199.99. I bought one of those a couple years ago and mounted it on a rifle for my dad, and I shot it quite a bit. It is a decent scope, but the eye relief is terrible compared to Leupold.
I had good success with Simmons years ago. I have one Nikon Buckmasters and would not get another - been back to the factory twice for repair. Never had a problem with Leupold and won't consider anything else. For the money, I think the VXII is hard to beat.
Just went through this putting a scope on my 340. Leupold made in the USA... Burris made in the USA.. Great customer service from both. Nuff said.
My vote; Leupold. Great customer service and made right here. I try to keep all my money local if I can, even if it costs a little more. I've never ever had a problem with my Leupold stuff; binos, spotting scope and rifle scopes. I've used other scopes in the past and nothing compares (optics maybe but not in quality). Of course I've never tried nightforce or swarovski, but on the other hand, I never will.
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