What are you going to use(HT Exotic Hunt2002)

Well, at this time I plan on bringing my bow, and a 30-06 in case I don't have any luck with the bow.

The luck I have been having this season I may end up using the rifle after all.
Sure would love to take one of those rams with a bow though. :D
Well I am going to use my .300 win mag with 165 ballistic tip bullets.But I am also considering using the .54 cal Black powder rifle with a patched roundball.Decision Decisions :D ;)
I will take my 300 win mag - 180gr ballistic tips and my 7mm mag - 130gr speer hot cores.

Did I hear something about a hog hunt in addition to the sheep?


P.S. I buy bows at K-mart - 100 in a bag :D
After being chastised by Danr over not being able to make up my mind about what to shoot ;) , I guess I will use my 7mm BR Encore and my son will use a 7-30 Waters Contender
Fatman, I apologize for the chastizement. It was all in fun. Next time I will just turn it over to VIP and let her talk with you.... :eek:

I think I will hunt with a rifle. I may bring a bow for the hogs.

I think I'll probably bring my 25-06 Ackley Improved with my 115 Nosler Partitions and my 270 Win with 150 Nosler Partitions in case I find myself looking at a mature Aoudad ram. The 25-06 AI is a little light for a full grown mature Aoudad ram, but so is the 270. My next option would be my 338 Win Mag with 225g Nosler Partitions, but that's gross overkill, so I'll leave it at home. I'll probably also bring my 54 cal Muzzleloader for use in the blind, maybe even one of my large cal. handguns.

Point noted and well taken ;) , if you can't rag someone every once in a while it ain't worth livin' :D Looking forward to putting some faces to the names around here.
I am going to bring my .243 striker pistol, and my bow. Might throw the .243 varmit rigg in the truck to shoot yotes on the way.

I will bring my Browning 338Mag and my Browning bow and my new Ruger45 long colt Indy got me........just for kicks :eek:
I haven't got a ram with my longbow or my 22-250 so I'm considering both. I've gotten them with my compound bow, 44 pistol, 30-30, and trusty old 30-06, so they are probably out. My 338 is a bit much, except for a long shot accross a canyon, but its hard to judge the rams very well that far away. Since we have so many, I'll start with the bow, if I get to hunt.

The hogs are unlikely on the ram ranch but free if seen. Another place, near San Antonio has hogs for another $180 if we get a group up or if individuals want good opportunities for them.
You might get a decent trophy boar starting at 200 lbs and that would be $300 at this hog place. The $180 is for 3 50 lb hogs or less, smaller meat hogs. Thompson, the ram ranch outfitter has some trophy boars at $550 on another ranch, not too far from the ram ranch. A trophy boar at $180 would be a rare find here, but not impossible.

The $180 ram hunt is a real good deal as about 20% of them make Records of Exotics.
Just as a point of reference, I just received an ad from the Trophy Hunters Connection for an Audad Hunt in West Texas. It was a three day hunt and they were only asking $3500.00 for it. So compared to what we are paying, ?????? :cool:
There are some differences, obviously, between those high dollar hunts and what Temple does. Our hunt only includes a roof over your head...no food, no "guide" service per se...you clean and skin your own kill, pack it to camp, etc. and he brings in new sheep every couple of weeks as he does a high volume business. He will place you in a blind in the morning, and otherwise you are on your own. BUT THE PRICE IS RIGHT!
Thompson Temple calls this his economy ram hunt. There are aoudads on this economy hunt for free like the $3500 aoudad hunt, but they are hard to get. This ranch is hunted every weekend almost and the aoudad have become the green beret of rams there, you just have to be good and/or lucky to get one of those free aoudads on the economy ram hunt. Thompson also does "high dollar" exotic hunts for high scoring trophy animals of many species. They are on nearby ranches and you're picked up at a $50 nice motel room, drove to the ranch by the $120/day guide, and your animals are transported to the local taxidermist and meat processor. His trophy hunts are good deals also compared to many other trophy hunts. If someone wanted one of these, we could arrange it for the same weekend or before or after the weekend ram hunt.

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