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What are "YOU" going to tag next year ?


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Dec 23, 2000
I'm already going through elk hunting withdrawls, so here's you chance to rub it in.
I want to here commitments....are you going to fill you tagt next year ? Exactly how big of an elk are you going to shoot ? Come on, brag a little in advance.
Well because the area I hunt has a pretty good sized number of guys in the field I would most likely shoot a spike. However I'm going to try to hold out for a 5x5. Depending on how many bulls we have seen will also be a factor in what I will hold out for, but at this point it is a 5x5.

What are you holding out for Anaconda??
If and only if I get drawn its a 325 or bigger bull... until the last half day than its anything thats legal...

If I get drawn for elk this year I will pass the tag to my daughter..... (only if she doesnt get drawn)

I don't know of any state that allows a person to hunt off of someone elses tag???

If there is that would be cool but I think it would cause problems.

Anyway, I'm chomping at the bit BAD!
I'll find out in another week if I drew Wyoming. If I did then it's gonna be a Utah Cow and a 5X5 or better in Wyoming
I'm planning on a spike (spike only unit) and a cow in UT unless I get drawn. Trying to decide if I should try to do one with the bow and one with a rifle.
No kiddin. It's all about if you get drawn here. I'll put in for a bow hunt and see what I can get. If I do get drawn than it's whatever I can get close enough to.
In az you can pass any big game tag to your minor child. They started this 2 years ago and I think its then best thing that every happened.... Hopefully I can talk my wife into putting in for hunts so Danielle has a better chance of getting a tag...
I'm planning for a European red stag which is cousin to our Rocky Mt. elk. But I'll hunt on a private game ranch instead of camping in the Bighorns.

For Elk.... I'll probably shoot anything 5x or bigger.... I'll be limited on time this year, to many Irons in the fire...
I'll be limited on time this year, to many Irons in the fire...

Seems like you said that last year and the year before also. Those irons wion't stop you.
September Bowhunt.....300+ bull or "tag stew"

September Gunhunt.....anything 5x5 or bigger

November gunhunt......a CO bull bigger than last year's 270-280ish bull.....or "tag stew"

Sounds like I need to keep plenty of salt peeper and tabasco along to go with all that "tag stew" I will be eatin!
Well, Dan... our wives willing, you and I will be sharing a camp once again! I'm confident that we'll be on elk from the get go. I think we'll have a reasonable chance at some respectable bulls, perhaps in the high 200, low 300 class. That said, I'm taking the first legal bull I see...
and have a good shot at...

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If I by some chance pull a tag in AZ for elk this year, It's going to have to be BIG. I only have two points so my chances are slim, I've drawn with none before though.........

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I NEVER drew a tag in any state yet. I am the most unlucky sob there is. One year my bad luck will peak by drawing 3 tags at once, have to get a divorce and quit my job!!!!!
If I get a tag in Wy. I'll shoot the first decent Elk I see. Unless Elkhunter thinks we can get one better. I would say it will be hard to pass on anything with horns. Being that I've ever been elk hunting before.
I hope to be able to get a decent bull for both you and Brian. If taking a cow for myself means getting you a bull, then that is the way it will be.
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