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What a great 12th season so far!


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Jun 21, 2001
Rural Wa. State/ Ellisras South Africa
I still have about 8 people to go through the lodge this year but my daughters graduation is this weekend. So I'm back in the states after a very short hunting season this year in RSA.

I guess that the length of the trip is not the only indication of the enjoyment and experience though. I had two of the best people to hunt with I have ever taken hunting. I also had the worst guy ever. I would like to post a lot about this fella but it would not be very professional. I'll just say that if there were two like him a year I would be stacking food on shelves at a local grocery store instead of being an PH.

I was able to take an animal I have been looking for now about 6-7 years. I finally took a Bushbuck and it's a dandy! At 16" this is one of the biggest bush buck I have ever seen.

IN general the first two groups had a much more difficult time then normal, probably the most difficult time in my 12 seasons. The water content on the consessions is so high that game patterns are very abnormal. In other words they can drink in way to many places so that normal patterns of movement are gone. The bush is so green that food is also abundant and very abnormal. In anycase we took the game we needed even though it was a bit more difficult and took longer then normal. We had some unbelievable trophy and some average trophys. we aslo made some really great stalks through the bush to get within range of the animals we needed. I must give credit to the people hunting with me this year as the preperation and equipment was very good.

I still wish I could post the details of the fella who was so "entertaining" this season. I know you would all laugh and at the same time become really disgusted with his antics.

Here is a Bull that will push 60". I should know for sure in a few days time. I have a hutner there now looking for this one!

I saw him the last two evenings I was there and was really going to shoot him for myself he was so huge. Then I decided to let him keep breeding these cows for another week until my hunters arrived.

An exceptional Blue wildebeast

One of the 16 Kudu shot so far this year

Warthogs were tough and many running shots had to be made to collect them

another nice bull

I managed to sneak up on this Genet while sleeping in the fork of a tree.

I bopped him on the noggin and he fell dead. Or so I thought. When I reached to to pick him up he lunged at my hand and actually grabbed the cuff of my jacket. That was enough fun for the evening so I made sure he was not going to get a second chance. As you can see from the death grip I have on his neck( unaware during the photo shoot) I was subconciously worried about him coming to life again!

That's all I need to be a PH attacked and mauled by a 5 pound Genet cat! I'm having this little bugger mounted in RSA lifesize. It's one of the unique extras we find now and then which makes the hunting in RSA so nice.

We also managed to taunt and fool with a 10-12 foot python for a while. There is some good video footage taken of this big bugger trying to bite me. He was spread across the bush sunning and when I got a bit to close he curled under a big bush. I had a hella of time getting him to participate in the photos and video. This was a decent photo but doen not do justice to his size. I'm sure this snake was over 200 pounds. When I grabbed his tail he just pulled me to the bush. When I lost clear sight of his hed I decided to let go!


He was not at all polite to my visitors, nor was he very pleased with me trying to get the photos!

I have tons more pictures but they will have to come over time as this post will be too long to load as it is!
Those are great pics... One day, I think it would be fun to chase some of those critters...
jjhack. Very cool photos :cool: You could send an email about this guy if you really want to get it off your chest ;) Heck always up for a good laugh anyways :D