Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I see ya got Registered.. Are you tiered of the RT.com GANG ?!?!

Anyways, Another Warm Welocme.. Although I didn't knoiw you were a COP !!
Uhhh I might take back the PORK comment I made on MM.COM

Anyways, A Warm Moosie Welcome to ya !!! Pull up a Stump and Stay awhile !! You might find a Helpfull, Hunting, fun Crown on here.. If you don't fit those Catagories You won;t fit it
Hey welcome Tuff! Nice to have another lawman here and a RT "troll"......What was that about pork Moosie?

BOHNTR )))---------->

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 12-27-2003 22:35: Message edited by: BOHNTR ]</font>

Yup, 17 years worth. I'm a sergeant, without the weight
, assigned to SWAT here in beautiful, lovely, southern California! NEVER a dull moment....

BOHNTR )))------------>
MOOSIE ------>>>>

I think TuffBuck is busy at rt.com stiring crap.. He's the Next to go that guy. Ohh well, Hes registered and Has a Home to come back to once he's banned from there

Uhhhhhh Crap, Now we have 2 cops, A lawyer and ... WELL, I don't know what Everyone does for a Living.. I might have to Make a topic in the Fireside
Hey, thanks for the warm welcome guys!! BOHUNTR....good to see a fellow police officer and SWAT brother on here....i have been a police officr for coming on 4 years now and a memeber of our Departments SWAT Team for the past 2.....its definitely one of those things that makes the job worth while somedays!!

And Moosie....i think I'll definitely fit in around here!! I definitely dont fit in a RT.com.....I guess a nice Utah boy like me is a little to liberal for some of them eastern boys!!! LMAO!! Its okay to say A on here right, I dont have to write LMBO!!!
As long as the LMAO = Laughing My Abs Off .. And not ASS, If thats OK with you.. I'll let it slide then
Being from Utah, you shouldn't be cussing, I'll tell your Bishop and He'll take one of your Wifes away !!!!

(PS, I'm guesing you're not LDS ? If you are, so is My wife, She's working on my But I'm a Hard Nut to Crack
Jsut so you don't get all "Book of Mormon" on my Ass...
A liberal Utahn??? Is there such a thing?
Welcome aboard TuffBucker! BTW, I got a few traffic tickets I could use some help with!

Where in UT do you hang your hat? I live in Clinton (ie Clearfield). I've been pretty surprised, I've been here 2.5yrs, am not LDS and have yet to be visited my missionaries. What's the deal, you guys slacking??
Sounds like your not such a bad egg after all!!
Youve done more to help out that I have this year!!

What do you mean we cant hunt on Sundays!!
Oops! Guess Im in the wrong!

Elkhunter and 1_pointer,

Thanks for the welcome.

Maybe Liberal isnt quite the correct word.....im conservative with a sense of humor!
I am currently living in West Jordan. As for the missionary thing.....you give me your name and number and I'll be sure they visit you before the week is over!!! LOL!!
You guessed wrong my friend....I am LDS...I actually try to make it to all of my meetings every Sunday....Im a returned missionary and everything!! But, dont worry, I'll leave the BOM at the door and wont tell you to repent.....for now!!!
And dont worry im a little more thick skinned than most LDS people....PS, tell the wife to keep up the hard work!! Someone's got to work on you!!!

Oh yeah....i think I made some of the RT people mad....i told them the word ASS is in the bible, so if they are offended by LMAO, they might need to hide their bibles from their children!!
Thanks Elkhuntr and BCBOY, glad to be here!! Its good to be around a bunch of guys with a sense of humor!!
I figured you were actually, thats why I posted the Disclaimer

I'm what they Call a Active NON~Member.. I think I'm the Only kind.

I know alot of NonActive Members though
I help in the Orchards, Set up the christmas PArtys, Heck, I even helped make 250 Reaths for the Christmas Party so they can Tell everyone the Meening of Christmas. I jsut went for the Free food though
We feed the Missionaries once a Month, Help paint the Boyscout camp, and even donate a little, They ain't getting my 10% though

Anyways, Yep, Active NON-Member, I just like to help out. I like the Multiple Wife and no smoking stuff *Chuckle Chuckle* but when they said I couldn't hunt on Sunday I jumped out the Water and SAID "WHAT ?!?!"

Seriously though, Being in this Neck o fthe Woods I have to deal with your Kind all the time, I might have you up just to share my Favorite Mormon Joke.. It's a Visual *HEHE*

(Your Kind,, Ya like that

Welcome aboard man !!!!
TB- I'll pass. I have enough trouble keeping the religion I was raised in straight. I'm too old to start a new one.
Welcome aboard!
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> I was raised in straight. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Tuff, BDon't believe him.. He says he was Raised Straigh but I talked to a College Room-mate of his that was gay and He claims otherwise... BUt I'm not one to start any Roumors

West Jorden ?> My wife is in Orem this week. Thats somewere there isn't it ? Don't pull her over.
Orem is in Utah....but its not close to where I work......completely different counties!! I hopoe she wouldnt be visiting where I work....its the ghetto of SLC!!!
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