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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I have talked to several New people lately and alot of them are just reading and Not posting. Here is the perfect place to drop your First post and Say HI !!!!

this site isn't about who is the Best (Cuz we know that's me ;) ) It's about sharing stories and Telling lies. So get your Typing fingers going and Start the Lieing .. Errr story telling and introduce yourself
Well, everyone here knows that Moosie is the best lying storyteller and the best spellar, speller, spellor, writer around.... so don't anyone be shy.. just jump in with both feet and don't worry about getting your shoes dirty..

I Just found this site last week, but I have already seen some interesting threads and I can tell there are a lot of knowledgeable hunters here willing to share their stories and advice.

I’ve been a hunter for a little over 20 years, and for the past four years I have mainly used either a muzzleloader or bow to take big game. If I haven’t hunted it yet, I am planning to do so as soon as possible.

For me hunting is about meeting new challenges and creating great memories.

Dream big,
First off I'll introduce myself. My name is Bryce DeForest and do anything that deals with hunting or the outdoors. I mostly archery hunt but do pick up the rifle just to extend my seasons.

Moosie - I do not lie about what I see. If I'm telling a story it is all true!!! Did I mention that I once saw a 400" P&Y class muledeer fighting a 550" P&Y class bull elk. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The cool thing about the whole ordeal was that the Muley killed the elk and then as it was standing over the elk showing his dominance a 10" class two point gored him to death. It was so awesome and can you believe that it happened in down town Boise under a parking garage. I have pictures of the whole thing but but but I don't know how to post them and I think a friend might of stole them...

OK, most of the things I tell is true. But seriously I can't wait to meet and talk to some fellow hunters. Later,
IdahoBugler, Yeah I remember that too! ;) But I think you did turn the film in to the photoshop but it was hit by lightning and all the film was ruined in the fire.Yeah that's what happened :D Welcome to the site you'll enjoy it :D :D
WOW.. 3 new People from Boise.... Looks like someone has been marketing the Local Area

Hey Idaho Bugler, I think I heard about that Deer/elk fight HAppening. I think I have pictures too... Or at least Photoshop will when I get the Time to Modify.. Errrr I mean Host them ;)

Welcome Aboard 'MAtes. If I'm not Mistaken DwainKillaFly is going to the DHI Banquet and so is IdahoBugger. Looking foward to meeting you Fella's !!!! Fairchase ajnd I will hook up in the Future I think. Something about large Crowds and Beng lost in a mall as a kid or something so he doesn't want to go to the Banquet ;)

And Welcome To Moosies. Each of you need to tell 2 people about this site and Get then to Join. It's in the Contract you signed when You joined the site.... Now get busy !!
Moosie - There you go again already changing my name to IdahoBugger. Thanks for the warm welcome guys and I'll get right on that recruiting bit.
Just dropped in to say whats to you all at the Banquet...well that is if you are all there....I know Dewain will be there because I am bringing him....well to be technical he is bringing me so I dont have to drink and drive!
ID-BUGGER, DID I change your name ?!?! Uhh OOPS, Looks like I did the same for "Kill-a-FLY" ;) I don't type well and Am'nt very edjikated so Ya have to forgive me

Lance, Remind me if You're his Brother or Friend. He said he was Bringing both. He changes his name on MSN messenger all the time so I never know who he is :eek:
I'm just a stocker-reader, but I like the smart horse personalities. It reminds me of my family growing up, 5 boys. I also like that the guys on this forum can actually hunt. Anyhow, howdy.
AHHHH.... I'm putting it all together

Can't wait till the Banquet, And Welcome to Moosies. It may look like We jsut Goof Around, But trust me, We put some Critters on the Ground too :D
Hey there Moosie, Local Hunter from the South (Texas)originally getting into your local wildlife and eatn as much as possible of it. I'll be meeting you all at the banquet. Hope to make some life long huntn buddys as well, No big trophys as of yet but plan to remedy that in next couple years. I live for this and am recently doing my research on activist against hunting and Right To Bear Arms Politicians, Like Mrs. Clinton and cpl others I don't care for; Wish I could take them huntn', anyways looking forward to you nice little site and forums, hope to have mine up soon. Yall give me a holler if ya want talk bout some hunting or fishing for that matter.
Not my first but Howdy anywho!
Sorry, but when it comes to stories I can't lie. I'm too busy gutting, butchering, cooking, eating, hunting, gutting, butchering, cooking..... :D :D

WELL HOWDEEE right back at ya again Chas031.. What is the 031 stand for, I'm assuming Chas is yer Realworld name :D

May I Die Huntn', You spel like I do, I like that
Looking foward to seeing ya at the Banquet, Will I recognise you with yer Suthin' Draw ?
Greetings Moosie! Been a member for a while, but mainly just browse.... I enjoy reading the comments from the different characters here at Hunttalk!

Looks like you are doing some good things with the site AND the deer hunting in Idaho. Good luck with everything! It's going to be a busy year!!!!


Well, the 031 are all misses! 0=shotgun/rifle, 3=archery,1=muzzleloader.
Uh, what's a realworld??

Stanley.. you HAVE been a member for a while.. With only 3 posts ?!?! What do we need ya to do to keep active :D I'm not paying for the topless dancers and Beer every Week like someone Suggested.. .At least not for all 2000 Members :D :D

Chas,,, Good question, Sometimes I think it overlaps

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