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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
MTo50 ...

HOLEY CHIT OVIS !!!!! $229

And Frogtogs ? there isn't a place around here to seeone.

I cant Find my Cabela's jacket after the Canada trip
So I need to get a New one.. I also need to get a waterfould jacket.. MAybe I should combine the two ?!?! BUT they are more Bulkey in general...

the mt50's are nice stuff and worth the money. My wifes set-up is that browning hydrofleece stuff and it works pretty good. No matter what you get, you will probably still get wet. welcome to alaska hunting
I use Rocky's stealthcloth [hydrafleece] parka and overalls which I've hunted all day in downpours with and never gotten wet.I think the total for the dual parka and overalls was 300$.This is extreme cold gear and it works.
I really like the MTO50, no doubt about it. However, there are a number of people on one of the Alaska boards raving over the Frog Togs. Apparently their ownly drawback is they are semi-noisy. For $70 a set (tops and bottoms) I don't see how you can go wrong. I see both the stanard colors and camoflauge in the Cabela's catalog. The camo pattern is about $20 more.

Like LBG said, your bound to get wet, whether it be sweat or rain. I prefer it to be sweat and have found the trick is to layer properly...and to avoid falling in the creeks
Boondocks Sporting Goods in Eagle River (907) 694-2294 has a line of gear called Tundra Fleece. I have been using the stuff for about 6 years now and it is by far the best out there. They do not take credit cards but they will ship to you after you send them a check.

The chest is cut extra full for big guys like me
so guys like you can hang your binocular inside your coat! There are a few things about the design and execution that are not the way I would do it, but nothing I have seen even comes close for keeping you both dry and warm...

They are not the quietest fleece fabric either, but not bad. I have duct taped my pants legs around my boots and crossed a river with dry feet, too...

The Browning hydrofleece was sent to me to field test when they first came out with it and I got a couple tries at making the stuff work and it is junk. (my apologies Joel)

As an example of just how much Browning cares... the suspender buttons popped off the time I put the pants on. They were completely unbacked, sewn with very lightweight thread and worthless... the pockets were fixed in place and shallow so everytime you sat down everything left your pocket... the waistband cinches were velcro and completely covered the stuff to the point there was zero take-up in them... and they leaked, even after seam-sealing because of the ridiculous way they were put together (my wife had to point that out to me as she has the Master's degree in fabric science)

Browning's only answer to my concerns was that perhaps they should have left the suspender buttons off in the first place! Get the Tundra Fleece and don't look back!

The good news is they ain't cheap and you need to spread some of your cash around!
SHitka aka art
I'll give them a call to see what they have to offer, If they are good sales people on the Phone I'll probably pick up an outfit to see what they have to offer. I really like the Jacket that I can't find and hate to spend money on stuff if I have something like it already (NOT) but I think I'll give it a try.

I also LIKe the Frog Togs. I don't like the Loudness of them but hunting Rifle it doesn't make a crap of difference. I've gotten within a herd of Elk in Crunchy snow within 80 yards. They problem is when You're bow hunting. And I won't be doing that in AK this time.

Anyone else have a Favorite Rain suit ?
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