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Washington state elk Olympic -C unit 621 bowhunt


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May 10, 2004
Washington state
My pard drew the coveted Olympic area 621 unit bow hunt for Sequim and Brinnon elk herds, any access info or sighting of nice bulls info would help.
This is an all permit hunt so he's one of only 6 for archery bulls 3pt or better this Sept.
Thanks for any help !
Congrates to your buddy Mad Max. Is this Ken that drew the tag, haven't seen him in a couple of weeks? Jerry, the hunting buddy of mine that drew the Moose Tag also drew a damage control Cow Tag up in Sequim. I expect we'll be doing some looking around up there. If we see anything I'll let you know. I Steelhead on the Dungeness and Dosey a lot during the winter, and see a lot Elk in the process. On the Dosey they seem to use the power line just upstream from 101, both winter and summer. And at mile marker 6 on the Dosewallips river road there is a Forest Service Road that cuts off to the left and crosses the river. I've seen Elk a number of times on the road to the left (might not be drivable) after crossing the 6 mile bridge.

There’s a lot of private property in both areas, be careful and good luck.

No I hear Kens in Oregon, this is another guy I been hunting with lately named Jim, we are gonna try and get him a nice one, I know of the power line and am planning on scouting it this weekend, went to ST Helens last weekend , everything is "closed to public entry" for the weyerhauser properties, so i wil; probably just do guide service and calling/ranging for him this year, still have elk in my freezer from last year so not greedy.
I wish you and Jerry well , does he work JC also ?Did he used to work with Ken ? If so I know him,he's good shit, tell him Max said right on, get a moose !
Forgot to add. I'd check that powerline south of the river up behind the State Park. There's a road off of 101 that goes up to a trail head, Mt Jupiter I think, that has access to some of the clearcuts up behind the Park.

I think spotted owl knows that unit pretty well.

I used to but man that was 23 years ago.

If you want some company looking around let me know. Finding I've got more free time then I like. Honey do's, Scouting? Honey do's, Scouting? Get me out of the house buddy, please.
Hey we went up this weekend, sorry I didn't see the post eariler, took the wives for a day trip.
Lots of private,,,,,,,,,,, access may be very tough.
If you’re talkin the six mile bridge, I checked with the Forestry. That is a Forest Service Rd. The land owner at the bridge frequently blocks the road to thwart access. You might contact the NFS. I'll help with this one, he's restricting river access too.

I know some other access points, the residents have tried to restrict access. Yet it is open if you know where to get in. The Lazy C for one, just upstream of the power line, I've seen elk along the river a bunch of times.

Hey Dean, yeah access s*cks, got him on the power line, the night of the front (friday) got into 100 and the next day wacked him at 7am.
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