Been awhile since I’ve posted. My rosie Hunt


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Dec 4, 2022
Franklin County Pennsylvania

Popped in and wanted to share my elk hunt. Drew a limited entry bull elk hunt on the Washington coast near the Olympic National Park. Had 5 days to hunt in Sep.
First day was hot, and no elk were seen. We heard bugles, but couldn’t catch up before they escaped back into the park. I got onto a herd with 5 bulls and 20 cows on day 2.Followed them for 2.5 hours, and caught up with them close to the park line. I ended up shooting the herd bull as he was crossing with the herd in the middle of the river. It was an offhand 125 yard clutch shot. Took a high shoulder shot. He fell right on his back. Got back up, and I quickly double lunged him with my 270. I had put in for this permit for 24 years. I was super happy to have killed the herd bull, and the bull of my dreams. Thankful for my 2 hunting buddies for all the help.
That’s awesome, congrats!