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Warm weather meat care ?'s


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Jun 3, 2012
So a bud and I are planning on cashing in on our accrued elk points and apply for the muzzleloader hunt. All things I see suggest we are a 100% draw with the 3pts we each have. The area we are gonna target is remote portion of a wilderness we can access from a non wilderness nat forest trailhead. Its about 6mi in and then up about 500' of elevation and it's produced before during rifle season and we've never seen a soul. Just wanting some guidance from people with first hand knowledge of warm weather packout of elk on their own. We will have no horses and are not above packing animal out at night since the trail itself is relatively easy to walk. We plan on storing meat at a meat locker which I've already contacted and used before. I've entertained using a citric acid product for fly deterrent and meat preservation along with gamebags. I'm assuming it'll get down into at least low 40s at night so that'll help for short term hanging but maybe for only a night or so? Its a lot I know but would like to hear any pointers...thanks


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Sep 4, 2014
Timberville, VA
I think bambistew had a good post on this a while back. Search backcountry meat care. Its pretty thourough. Sorry, I don't know how to post the link to go directly to it.

James Riley

Jan 10, 2015
You might want to think about salt. When explaining about how far he could shoot, the old mountain man said he had to load powder, patch, ball and an inch or so of salt, you know, to preserve the meat for the long trek over to his kill. Sometimes it took days get there.