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Oct 4, 2004
I think we need to check in with an "I VOTED" after you git er done tomorrow.

May the best men win!!
I will not vote....... Although I sent an Email out to everyone I know saying to Vote for Bush :D

I hate it when I don't make a difference. Idho votes Republican, If Bush was worried he'd come talkto us. But he'll focuss on the states that matters. Kerry won't waste his time because He won't win here. I don't live in a State that matters, it's not a "Battle ground" state ;) So Why wait in line.......... I can be atthe Office making money so I can Get more Tax breaks for the rich

(Open for Bashing now)
I already sent in my "vote by mail" ballot last week. Hey, Moosie - my vote was "wasted," too - this state will vote for anybody or anyTHING so long as it has the word "Democrat" after it on the ballot. :rolleyes:
Go vote ya big baby, moosie!! The overall popular vote matters. Remember that while your whining, Bush is killing the freaks that would slit your throat if they could. Go give him some love. Don't be one of those indifferent dudes.

Also, please don't cancel my forum membership because I'm pickin' on ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moosie you could send in a "protest" vote..for Tom Tancredo...or anyone of your choosing...Savage/Hannady/Dobbs arn`t there some other issues to vote for? propositions?..senators? reps? and other stuff..your vote does count on local/state issues.
Hemp, I won't ever ban ANYONE for disagreeing with me... thats what makes this site different then others...

(Note to self.. BAN the bastard that told me off... ;) )
I voted on the way in this A.M. Kansas is another state that always goes republican, but I still vote, can't bitch if ya don't vote. 'sides I much prefer Bush anyway. :D
Voted as soon as the polls opened. I took coffee for all the poll workers, but they only let me vote once. Wasted $4.50. GO BUSH.
Ditto what Cali said...about three weeks ago.
With this Demo state its pretty much a forgone conclusion for the electorals but we still had local and propositions to consider....
Yep, voted absentee. The polls here are jam packed. Good to see it. Got some old timers around here saying they have never seen it like this. Go vote Moosie. if you dont vote, you can't complain about anything for the next 4 years. :D
My vote's in. Took me an hour and a half to get through the line and the line was longer when I left.
There was nobody in line when I left. I had to wait in line for the poll to open. We have new machines. We changed out clocks last weekend, but I left mine one hour off. It was great, early to bed, early to rise. Bush will win here too.
By the way Moosie, if you don't vote you can't complain about ANYTHING. Not just politics. No complaining about weather, hunt success, the in-laws, etc... Are you sure you want that for four years?
Voted this morning and thought I'd beat the rush...not! ONe hour and a half, but there's two votes for Bush!(wife voted Bush too!)
Voted no on the light rail tax. Screw light rail in AZ. I'm tired of this place being East L.A.! We don't need everything Cali has! (says a former Cali xplant!)LOL!
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