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utah hard to get mule deer tags (bookcliffs etc.)


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May 10, 2001
if anybody is serious about getting one of utahs next to impossible to draw mule deer tags.
i have access to 1 bookcliffs muledeer tag
14 pansugaunt muledeer landowner tags
1 vernon muzzleloader landowner tag
only serious people looking for world class muledeer need to reply prices range from $3850 to 7000$ contact me through [email protected]
Ahh, quality hunting to the highest bidder. You've got to love the direction hunting is heading in this country.

only serious check books need apply...
Sounds like some of you need to get off the computer and get out and get a second job so you can hunt with the rest of us low lifes. :D since when does recieving a tag for a fee equal buying a trophy. No body said anything about high fence or a guided hunt. Don't you pay for a tag every time you go hunting? Don't put in for out of state, becuase by the time you get that tag you will have atleast a couple grand into bonus points, is that buying a trophy? there is nothing wrong with spending some hard earned money, that I made, on the opportunity to hunt a trophy animal (key word hunt). So get off your lazzy butts get out there and make some extra dough and join us, we need somebody to poke fun at around the camp fire. :D
Don't you pay for a tag every time you go hunting? Don't put in for out of state, becuase by the time you get that tag you will have atleast a couple grand into bonus points, is that buying a trophy?
There's a big difference between applying for a tag from the Game and Fish and buying the guaranteed right to hunt from a landowner. One way supports future management of wild game populations to everyone's benefit, while the other goes into a rancher's pocket.

Landowner tags should be available only to the landowner and should not be transferrable. Better yet, make them apply just like everyone else. If you want to pay for the right to hunt wherever you want in UT, bid on the Governor's Tag.


Landowners feed thousands of deer each year! You don't want these land owners to put up 8 foot tall fences to keep the deer off thier property and out of the winter range. You wouldn't have the deer numbers you have now and you wouldn't be able to hunt half of what you do now! don't you think they need to be compensated for the deer they keep alive? I'm not landowner, but I have many friends that are and I know the damage deer (elk) can do to fields, fences and hay stacks.

Have a great day! :D
Until landowners allow free access to hunters (within limits of course, i.e. number of hunters, etc) then no, I do not feel that they desreve compensation for damage to crops and such. I think if they want a landowner tag they should have to pay for each one they get. And it should be like other tags. I cannot go buy a hunting permit then "auction" it off to someone willing to spend wads of their 'hard earned' cash.

These are just my personal views. I know that they are operating within the law here, so be it. I am just saying I think the system is flawed.

You got to be kidding me! If it wasn't for land owners there would not be deer in some areas of the west. They have every right to put up 8 foot tall fences and keep the deer out of the winter range and off of their property, but they don't They own the property, they can let who they want on it, if anybody? I'm sure if you owened land you would let a bunch of yaa whos on your property, huh? didn't think so. :D Maybe if you weren't so negative towards them, you might have a better chance at getting on some of their properties. It's only a suggestion! It's just my opinion. I get on some land and not on other and I don't hold it against anybody. That is their property and they can do what they want to with it. If they help wildlife in any form, I feel they sould be compensated for it.
I have tried to get onto countless properties around here, what I keep running up against, is those that came before me abused the right to trespass. The farmer/rancher just shut the door to every one because of a few. So before any one does damage to any thing around them, think first. Of course this msg is preaching for the main part to the chior, the bad apples that destroy most things, I find do so inbetween classes and play...

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