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Jul 19, 2011
I have two questions about Wyoming regulations - the answers to both are probably in the regulations and old HT threads, but I can't find them.

My brother, nephew and I have drawn Wyoming cow elk tags. The nephew will not be able to make it due to school. Is it possible to hand the license back in and get a refund?

Those blue grouse we saw last year - do we need a small game license to shoot them during archery season?

Thank you and good luck on your hunts.

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I'm curious about this too. I want to hunt blue grouse for a day or two, while we're back in Wyoming on our antelope hunt. I see the $72 license is called a birds/small game- combined. There is no separate small game and bird license for non-residents. So the question is what does the "small game" license get me? Is that what's needed for coyote and bobcat?

I'm debating between the one day and the annual. One day may not be as much time as I'd like, but I sure don't need a full year! I'll only be there 1 week. I wish they had a 3 day license for about $36. But I'll probably just end up springing for the $72 license. Just would like to know what else am I legal to shoot with that license besides grouse?

Just might bring a predator call as well.


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Dec 6, 2014
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From the antelope regulation brochure- "TAKING PREDATORY ANIMALS AND PREDACIOUS BIRDS. Predatory animals and predacious birds may be taken without a license."

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Bird/small game buys you the opportunity to take upland game birds and cottontails, snowshoe hare, squirrels.

To take bobcat, badger, muskrat, beaver, etc, a furbearing license is required. Coyotes, jackrabbits, possums, etc are considered predators, no license required for take.

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“Predacious bird” means English sparrow and starling.
Predatory animal” means coyote, jackrabbit, porcupine,
raccoon, red fox, wolf, skunk or stray cat.

***As stated above, no license is needed to hunt coyotes in Wyoming or animals listed in the above section of the WY Hunting/Trapping regulation. As you will notice, the bobcat is not under those listings and a furbearing license IS required to shoot them.
***To answer the other question the OP had on returning the license because the kid is in school---NO, it takes an act of God to return a license after it's issued and generally requires that the licensee has died or is physically unable to hunt and paperwork from a Licensed Physician must accompany the request.
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Actually, returning a license will be much easier in Wyoming after the passing HB104.

The bill was introduced last session and I don't recall the effective date of the law. I would guess if it isn't already on the books it will be in July.

The particulars are that the license will be reserved for the following year, minus an administrative fee the year you turn it back and having to pay for the license again the following year. Also, the reason for reserving the license has to be for a medical or emergency reason of some sort, and IIRC has to be reviewed by the commission. Also, the license must be returned prior to the earliest open hunting season that the tag is valid for. The new bill pretty much mirrors the sheep, moose regulations on reserving a license, but includes deer, elk and antelope now (and doesn't apply to general tags, only LQ).

This bill was on the fast track to file 13, before I made the recommendation to the TRW committee to include the associated fee(s). I felt the loss of fees would reduce the amount of money potentially lost, as well as keeping people from drumming up "medical reasons" for returning a tag.

The intent of the bill was a good one, as some of the best deer, elk, and pronghorn tags are very difficult to draw, some of them nearly as tough as random sheep and moose tags.

Like I said, this bill would not have made it out of committee without some major help, and thankfully Representative John Freeman (D) Sweetwater county, was able to draft some changes to the bill language on the fly at my recommendation. For the record, Rep. Freeman has given some great public testimony on many issues in TRW hearings on GF related bills.
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