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Turkey-coyote combo hunt


Dick Reece

Here we aren't allowed to hunt turkeys past noon,and have to be out of the woods by 1PM.
So I figured it'd be a good time to hunt coyotes,after turkey season is over for the day.I packed a back pack with everything I'd need to do just that,and the darn thing must weigh close to 50 pounds! That includes an electronic call and a ghillie suit. I still have to pack in the 22-250.It all starts Saturday the 28th, and I'm looking forward to it.I wonder if I'll get in any trouble if a game warden stops me and I've still got my turkey calls on me ? Most likely I'll have to go back to the dang truck and leave the calls there.Damn.

I don't guess they'd try to bust me for using an e-call on turkeys unless I've actually got a tape of turkeys,right ? QUESTIONS,QUESTIONS....
As a rule most wardens are eager to help a coyote hunter out, because the wardens get alot of coyote complaints. I bet if you give your local Game Warden a call, He'd be quick to answer your questions and maybe even point you towards some areas where farmers would be happy to see a coyote hunter.