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Dec 17, 2000
Bountiful, Utah
OK, here's the deal. My father-in-law wants to take all the men in the family on a trip in 2005. I thought it was going to be a golf vacation or something like that. He suggested the other day that he would be interested in going on a fishing trip to Alaska :D . You can imagine my surprise :eek: I am looking for anything that I could give him for information. When is it best to go, where is it best, what is the best fishing (salmon, halibut, etc). I want as much as I can get. Also, can I hunt in late August/early September? Can't wait till next year. Thanks in advance

I have only bee to Alaska twice fishing, so some other folks, especially those from AK may have better advise, but this is the charter I did a one day trip with.
I went in 2002 and although we did not get into the big fish it was a great time. The owner worked his tail off and we all limited out on halibut, but as I mentioned, they were on the small size. He was very disappointed, but we gave up before he did. I would definitely go with him again.

Check out his stat. and photo page. I speaks well of the opportunities. Good luck and have fun.
Father-in-law. I guess there are good reasons to get married. ;)
Go over to the state of alaska site. ( They have a ton of info regarding when the various kinds of fish are at their best and where. Don't neglect Valdez as a place to fish out of. The silver fishing there is excellent if you like action fish. There is also halibut and kings. There are so many great places to fish here it can be mind boggling. If you want the fresh water fish such as grayling and dollys don't neglect the streams especially if you want to see wildlife up close and personal or just get away. Sounds like a fun family adventure.
Is that site part of the Game and Fish site? Tried to check there yesterday but it said the site was down for maintenance. Will check back.
Just to re-iterate what Jon said. valdez is good fishing. you can rent a boat, and cruise and fish to your hearts content. Plus damn good blackie hunting. they will be up high but the oppertunity is there. You also have pretty good white water rafting, flight tours and its just a damn pretty place to be.
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