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Tomorrow is opening day!!!


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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
I'll report back tomorrow of how the day went. We still don't know where we are going though. Oh well, I'm sure to have fun where ever I go and that's all that matters!!
Kill a big one TK!
Well this morning started off not knowing where to go because when we got to the spot we had planned to hunt there was another pickup parked there. So we headed up the road about another 10 miles to an area where a mud slide had ran through about 5 years ago. My dad decided to take the left side of the mud slide while I would work my way up the right side about 600 yards apart and we would meet at around 1-2 about 3-4 miles up at a pre-determined spot. So anyways I was just walking up through the trees on an old logging road when I heard a sound. (I've never had a problem with these guys before, but now I have to say there are a bunch of guys out there abusing the land with them and I have witnessed it first hand) Anyways I move off this old logging road about 40 yards so that I was about 20-30 yards from where the edge of the mud slide is. I kneel down when some ass goes up the old logging road on his ATV. This area is closed to ATV's and you can only have them on certain roads and I know for a fact that this old logging road wasn't one of the ones you can have them on. So this was around 7:00 AM. At about 7:20 I decided to sit under a tree and glass ahead and have a drink of water and a quick snack. I happen to look over to where my dad is and I can see him through my binoculars. I get up and walk only about 100 yards or so when from across the mud slide I hear it......BOOM!!!! I look over and see my dad pull his gun down. I gave him 15 minutes in case he was tracking the deer or in case it got up. Well needless to say one shot from a 7mm Mag right into the neck of a forky at 42 paces put an end to the bucks short life. I got over to my dad and helped him field dress it. We got that done by about 7:45 and headed back towards the pickup since it was already around 80 degrees where we were hunting. So we get back to the truck and my dad relizes that he forgot to put the camera in the glove box of his new truck. So we don't have any in the field pictures but I managed to get a few pictures of it behind our house and I'll post them after I eat some lunch.

So all in all it was a fun day. I only saw 1 doe and I guess she was with the buck my dad shot. Well that's all I have to say, pictures should probably be up in around 1-2 hours.

Congrats to your dad, and shake-off the disruption from the Fat-Assed ATV Rider.
I think you and your Dad proved, that if people get out and walk a bit, they find the game.

Let's see the pictures, and hopefully you learned a couple of lessons today.

1. Always take a camera in your daypack.


2. Those guys in Sportsman's Issues who are fighting for ATV Restrictions, Dam Breaching, and similar are ALWAYS correct!!!
Now you'll be one of us..
Glad your pa got his deer TK. Too bad about the ATV. Not to second guess you, but I guess I am, I would have stood in the middle of the logging road and let him know that he had been seen and try to get a description of the guy so I could report it.

I am not a big ATV fan, but as long as they abide by the rules I will live with them. However, if I see them breaking the law, I know I have to report them or I am not helping to solve the problem.

Looking forward to seeing the pics and I hope you get to spend some quality time in the woods trying to get yours.
Mtmiller I wasn't even thinking about that at the time.
If it were to happen now I would say something but ya know a 16 year old kid stopping a 40+ year old guy, he ain't gonna think nothing of it. Oh well, I still have no complaints about guys that ride ATV's where they are supposed to but guys that ride them like this guy did have no respect from me and in the future I'll be sure to get a description so I can turn them in.
Hey nice pics of the buck TK.

Hell, at 16 you are probably bigger than me. I would not want to get into a confrontation with anyone carrying a gun, but I would make me presence obvious to the offender.

Make sure you take that camera to the field, so I can see where you hunt and see your trophy in the field.

And the 3rd lesson of the day, is that when you do get to use the camera, you can't get too close to the object. Remember to scoot in, and get the person and the animal much bigger in the frame. We really don't care about the backyard.

And finally, when you are holding a dead animal, you should be smiling
These are the days we wait all year for.... You might as well smile during them...

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I didn't take the to my uncle about that. I do smile....but it's only when it's my dead animal I'm holding!!
Tell your dad way to go...and congrats on the nice deer..Now it's your turn to pull one out of the hat!!!

You should smile any way, your next to a dead animal and you should be very happy for your dad...LOL...
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