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Dec 20, 2000
Though just an itty-bitty thing, this deer hunt meant something to me. Sean used to just come around the house while dad and I were shooting our bows and was always wanting to try out bows, guns, etc. So, we started taking him hunting, helped him set up and sight it his first bow etc. Though, his number of deer killed is getting up there, I’ve never been with him when he’s gotten one and he’s only been with me once when I’ve gotten one. Monday morning found us sitting in his truck waiting for it to get a bit lighter and for the fog to lift a bit. Once it got to where we could see more than 30yds, we started out. Not 10 steps from the truck, through the fog we see a doe feeding alongside the woods we’d be hunting. I tell him to take it. He lines up and…BOOM! The deer veers to our left and then buttonhooks back into the trees. We head back to the truck to shed some clothes. About 15 minutes later we take up the trail. There is very little blood, but some bone fragments that appear to be leg bone. Doh! Once we get about 10 feet into the trees, we hear a deer jump up and run off. I loop around the woods to try to cut tracks or catch the deer leaving the woodlot. Sean takes up the trail and about 15min later we meet up on the other side of the woods. Neither of us had seen the deer and he had lost the blood trail. We again take up the trail, this time with better light and much slower. The deer looped through the woods back towards the truck. After about 75yds of tracking we see the deer 30yds ahead of us, down. We start that way and when we get to about 20yds from it, it jumps up and takes off. Both of us instantly shoulder our guns, but no shots were fired as he says it’s down again. Sean loops a bit to the right and I step to the left. Again, the deer is up and moving. At about 50yds I pick it up in the scope heading dead away and let one fly. It drops again. We get to the deer to find that it is still alive, so Sean administers the coup de grace. After a few congrats and Sean getting over the shot I made (I admit it was pretty good!), we check out the deer. His first shot had just clipped the front should and broke the back left leg (the deer was facing us). My shot broke it’s back right leg. It just couldn’t get away with three busted wheels. By far not the cleanest kill I’ve been involved with, but fun and memorable.


**Coming soon** Double day for me!!!!
Way to follow up on the deer and put it down. Obviously you shoot better than me at running game.
I am glad you had an opportunity to hunt with your bud (and your dad as well).

Why no smile sunshine?

Looking forward to seeing more dead things.

BTW, what did you shoot this gal with? Can't remember if you guys have to tote shotguns or not.

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Yep, shotguns. He was using a Rem 870 and I was using a Mossberg 500, both fully rifled with scopes and shooting Lightfield 1 1/4oz slugs. I usually use a Mossberg 9200 semi, but my scope got busted in travel, reticle broken. Dad's gun is accurate, but I bust the hell out of my lip every time I pull the trigger!

You can't have some bad-a$$, backward Hat wearing, Homeys smiling in pictures...

I think I am going to rent "Hoosiers" and "Breaking Away" after readin all of 1-Ptr's Indiana stories..... Maybe even Rudy...
"Breaking Away", LOL. Where did you pull that out of, gunner?

Congrats on the deer, pointer.

"Not the cleanest kill." Hell I do that damn near every time.
I just chalk it up as buck fever.

Take 'em any way ya can get 'em

Looks like you guys had fun!
I'm glad to see you Hoosiers like tag-team deer hunting as well as you like your tag-team wrestling.
Nice doe... I swear the does in this region are possessed. I've seen two in two years that by all rights should not have taken a step beyond where they were shot, but still ran for 100 yards or more. Possessed, I say! Possessed!
kudos on the follow up. there are to many hunters who would have given up after they lost the blood the first time. we owe it to mother nature to have enough respect for the animals we hunt to look for them when we hit the less than perfect.
Congrats on the joint kill! WTG Hoosiers!

hehe I remember "Breaking Away"

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dgibson:
I swear the does in this region are possessed. I've seen two in two years that by all rights should not have taken a step beyond where they were shot, but still ran for 100 yards or more. Possessed, I say! Possessed!

Yea I can attest to that fact.

Then when you guys get the chance ask TurkeyEye about his 30 yard miss this past weeekend! He tried to get fancy with a neck shot and shoy under the deer using slugs in a NEF single shot shotgun! (He switched to the Mossberg 835 with a rifled barrel using sabots after that)
DG- We save the wrasslin' for you guys!

BTW, what is 'Breaking Away'? Never heard of that one. However, if I ever catch 'Field of Dreams' on I have to watch it! I played quite a few games in the ballparks shown. Plus, my second cousin (I did not marry her) is shown in the crowd.
Awww, that is the one centered around the Little 500 bike race held on IU's campus every year. Good party!

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