This is as good as it gets this year!

Idaho Ron

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Dec 24, 2000
southern Id
I had a tough year this year. It came down to the wire for this little buck. The area I was hunting is better for chukar than deer. I was chukar hunting and found this buck. I projected a waypoint to the deer with my GPS so I could find them later. I then went back to the truck and got the rifle and left the dog. After a belly crawl of over 1/2 of a mile I got close enough for a shot. Ron
Nice buck Ron. Maybe you need to carry some slugs when you are bird hunting. ;)

You are one hell of a blood hound for deer (and humans). Nice shoot'in Tex. I'd mount that one too. That's a good buck.

PS: No hard feelings here.
Listen Matt, I know you were trying to get under my skin. Leave my family out of it and I can talk the dozens any time. Leave out physical threats and we might get along.

To you other guys, I found this buck and another like him last January. I went back on a hunch, but friends of mine said that it was a deer that showed up for winter range. I thought he was a local. Maybe I will see the other one this winter and get him next year. Ron
I wondered if anyone would notice that. The only thing I could guess was I was trying to keep it balanced or something. I had a good chuckle out of it. Ron
Great buck, Ron. Just this afternoon, my two hunting buds in Garden Valley, killed two nice bucks about three hours before close of season. One nice four point and the other a heavy, wide three x three.

I was, unfortunately, not there. So it goes....


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