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Thinking About Hunting the Flattops


New member
Aug 20, 2003
Fort Worth, TX
Three friends and I are considering giving the Flattops in Colorado a try next year. I know the area gets hunted hard and that we shouldn't expect to find big bulls, but we are just wanting to connect with elk. We should be able to draw Either-Sex tags. I haven't been to the area before and would like some general information on drainages/general areas we should think about. Last year, either-sex tags were only available first season, but with the low harvest this year I wouldn't be suprised to see them expanded. We will definitely go when we can get either-sex tags, but if they are available for later seasons we would consider those. I will be going up this summer scouting and would just like to narrow the search. We arent' afraid of backpacking in a ways if necessary.