They Shoot.... They Score :)


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
And Wylee, Moosie and deadeye's boy fill thier tags with bulls left over :D :D :D

Story and Pics tomorrow !!!
Nothing like taking a couple spikes with extra points by the road when your bud comes in from out of state wacking a spike 7 miles back in ;)
YAH... You know me Gunner, Always Hunting on the road... Listening to Eminem and Britney Spears having the rifle hanging out calling "HERE ELKKY ELKY ELKY !!!!!!!!!" ;)
now now.... This sounds like a High School Gym locker room contest ;)

Here's how I see Hunting. Hunting is Luck. Or there is ALOT of Luck involved. If 2 guys are out hunting and are hunting together, if an Elk is gotten, both deserve equal credit to that animal. Sometimes, one guy is a little bit luckier and is in a little bit better spot at the right time and Get's to take home a little bigger bull. I'm just glad I was born Lucky instead of good ;)

I can say that the trip was Fun and although I tried Walking Wylee's A$$ into the ground He stayed up every bit of the way. MAybe next year I'll get in better shape to do a better job
Walking non-stop from 5am-8pm...sounds like one of those, "I've never been in that canyon, wonder what's over there" kinda things! ;)
1-pointer is right, that was Fridays hike. ;)

Gunner, who always has to one up ya, size wize.

Moosie, beautifully politically correct statement man on luck versus good. I too will take lucky over good any day. :D

Mojave, It does sound like one of your topics, and we will never tell. :rolleyes:
Wylee- I remember when you convinced me to go on one of those jaunts with him. Did he know the way out this time?? :D
GESHHHH... A guy makes one little long hike and it follows him around like herpies the rest of his life. :D

Sat. was a KILLER hike. We should have turned back when we started pushing snow with our waist.... But man was it fun taking a nap in it ;)

Let's just hope the pictures turn out
Come on lunch time

PS< I always know my way out... just not always the BEST way out .. ;)
1-pointer, it was all new ground, what made it exciting was that four hours of the 14 that we spent out were in the dark. Two hours up hill in the dark is way more fun than two hours in the dark coming down a partially snow covered ridge. The next days hunt more than made up for the long day Friday.
you pussies--using guns to take your elk on Hwy 21--do it like a real man and run 'em over like I did :D --oh yea--congrats to you guys for a job wll done---chris
So, since I'm like herpes, do I get to 'flare-up' and join you for more adventures next year?? ;)
Guys, Congrats on your elk. I can't wait to see and hear what happened.

Moosie, I'll pick up the pictures today after 3:00 and send em your way. Hopefully you get better pictures then I did of my buck.

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