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The Yetty.. Stars in "Something About Mary Part II"

Yetty is keeping it zipped up tight it seems--doesn't want to let anything out of the bag, I guess--he,he......chris
Maybe it's zipped tight because it's caught in the zipper?? Got the beans above the frank?? Hmm sounds painful just thinking about it..

I can see the headlines now....
"Local Yetty Bleeds to Death.
Gets Beans Above the Frank"
Film at 11:00

I made that $hit up to make you laugh!!

I was kidding about giving the exact GPS location of your spots away. But that was a "Low Blow" Greenhorn! keep it up and see what happens!!
Lighten up Yetty.. I'm just jealous that I don't have a story like that. I'd be getting a lot of mileage out of it if I did. It's a classic.. and easily tops all the "Whoops, I shit my pants" stories that I have.
HEY YETTI..... IS this the SAME one ?!?!

I heard that Something about MAry story already
And a few others... I didn't believe them till now

Roumor has it you got a little lucky this year, killed a bull without milk on it's lips.

It was more then lucky. The bulls in the lab right now and I'm fairly certain when I get the results back it will confirm my assumptions that the bull I killed was legally retarted, blind, cripled and had CWD.

I think I may have to post this giant for you guys to ahhh over.
Post that SOB. That freaky bull was a freak of nature.. not to mention he was killed by a cheese head.. what a way to go.

Is the cheese heading down to kill any antelopes this weekend?
Ill tell you what there is nothing funnier than seeing your buddy unpack a pair of zipperless pants and telling you a story that starts with "Youll never believe what happened to me"..
that was actually a great night for me!!what you dont see is greenhorn passed out with a full diaper in the other room. I was actually the sober one. By the way I was 17 is that against the law?? This 30 year old just kept buying them...
I remember that day well... haha.

We were celebrating your 8th grade graduation. Man, what a party. :D

Actually, wasn't it celebrating a 4th year state title in wrestling?
Greeny- you going with ww this weekend after goats?? The Me and the Yetty are taking my friend from North Dakota after that Mountain Goat. Should be fun. I think the Yetty will be really hepful above 10,000 with those big feet and all. Besides its a great place to wear jeans. I am going to take vince hunting for a speedgoat next weekend. He has been bowhunting for whitetail all week. I told him if he harpoons one to call you to come track it for him.

Oh and I dont want to see those puke pictures on this site, but it is Ok to show the video of the drunken cowboy at McDonalds.

The yetty and I will be at my house today(fri) by 5 if your coming by stop in and Ill show you the ram and My bull.
Maimer of lope horns... if Vince ever hits something and needs help tracking, have him call me any day, any time. Are you making a 3horned shoulder mount of your buck and a half?
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Oh and I dont want to see those puke pictures on this site <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Is he threatening us GREENY ?!?!? ;)

I also like hte guy that was Asleep in his truck puking... WE got to get photos of that on here !!!!!!!!
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