The Utah Draw Blues


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May 1, 2001
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Well....Utah wrote me the annual "Sorry you didn't draw" love letter. I'm going to hit that tag one of these days.

Way I figure it ... I have about a 15% chance of hitting my New Mexico Tag.

So....anyone looking for an extra hunter this fall? LOL

Mt tags had to be in for out of staters a while back...There is alway's the predation hunt in Wy for elk...
I recieved the same thing from utah no sheep tag and elk tag . maybe I might actually get a az tag this year if not Iam heading for mexico
No goat or deer in Utah for me this year. I still have to pay my dues I guess. I think I had only 4 points this draw.

Now as long as Wyoming works out, I will be content.

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No Utah bighorn sheep or elk tags for me this year, but my Dad and Brother both drew Manti Archery elk tags, so it should be an awesome fall helping them get their bulls!!

I will take plenty of pictures to share for sure.
no elk for me, 9 pts next year!!!
no moose, 5 pts :(
I blew my chance to hunt deer and meet Miller in MT by goofing up my app.
I have AZ left as a dream hunt, and NM.
Just points for me this year. Didn't know where I'd be getting a job. Still might be a bit undecided on that.
Yes, you can apply on-line for AZ tags.
The regs are on their web site now @
They are taking applications right now!!
Good luck

I just got a big "L :( SER" letter from Utah this year. Can't complain though, my daughter drew a LE Elk permit, and I drew one last year.
At least I get to go and help! I hope???
Welcome to Hunttalk BACKCOUNTRY Glad you could add to the mix right off the bat... :D :D :D

Welcome to you to antlerrick Congrats to your daughter... :D :D :D

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