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The picture of my deer this year

Idaho Ron

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Dec 24, 2000
southern Id
This is the picture of my deer this year. I took a back pack in and shot this deer 5 miles off the road. I figured I would bone any deer i got and pack it out no problem. I found this deer with another deer that was solid 4 point on BOTH sides. When I first saw them I thought both were 4 points and would go about 170. I bumped them out of their beds and didn't get a shot. I tracked them down and out of the corner of my eye I saw a buck bed. I looked him over and he looked good. So I got closer and whistled but the buck would not stand. I said HEY BUCK! Still he stayed in the brush. Finally I yelled louder. The buck stood and I shot. I knew he was hit and he spun. That is when I saw he had only 3 "big" points on the left side. I held for his shoulder and shot again. This time he piled up hard. I looked fast around me but never saw the other big deer. I dressed this deer then Boned it out. That is when I knew I was in trouble. The pack was over 100 pounds. Then I thought I need to get it to the main trail and someone with a horse will pack it for me. No one showed. So I started heading to where the trail crossed the river. I walked a log 5 feet in the air with this heavy pack. Then 3 trails came together. Then I thought someone will come. NO ONE DID!
Then I made it a little farther and found a guy on a mule. He said on his way out he would pack it. I walked about another 1/2 mile and found a guy with a 4 wheeler. It was about 1 1/2 miles to the truck from there but all up hill. Up to that point it was all down hill. He took it to the truck for me. I could have kissed him for that :^)
I did show him a place on the map to go look for another deer. Ron
Nice buck Ron.

Sounds like a hunt you will remember for a long time (especially your legs).
Great buck! Sounds like a pretty fun hunt, despite the pack out! Thanks for posting the pic.

I know I worked harder for that buck than any other I have ever hunted. I got him in a open hunt in a area, that I have hunted, but never shot a deer in. I will be looking into that area a little harder. The Bases on this buck were heavy the first measurment was 5 1/2" and the G2's were 16"
The deer would have grossed over 166 if he had a good g 3 on that left side. Time has a way of erasing the pain of the pack. Now I am ready to go back. Ron
Good work!! Once the pain goes away, those ones always make the best memories (and stories)... :cool:
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