The most bizzare thing you ever called in?



All you callers out there what is it. I know theres got to be something. Heres Mine

About 8 years ago I went northwest of phoenix to do some coyote calling. I have this hill I sit on top of and can see for 3 miles any direction. I was using My .300 win mag with a 36x leupold I was ok at a range up to 700 yards and 1200 if i used a spotter shot. I'm calling for about 15 mins when i see a coyote at 50 yards and running full bore at me. Couldnt shoot because he was to close so I scared him off for a long shot.As I'm watching this coyote run away FAST I sqeek the call so he stops. Thats when I heard it!
kinda sound like a fox barking but it was a higher pitch. I stopped looking at the yote and starting my sqeeker again. It made a noise again,only this time it was whinning. This kept up for about 30-40 mins still couldnt find it. Haveing enough of the sqeeking I figured I would try that coyote befor I was to leave. Calling on my cottontail call for about 5 more mins when I heard it again. Thats when I saw it. about 300 yards out, 50 miles from the nearest town, walking carelessly thru the sage. I sqeeked the sqeeker and it stopped.Put my sites on it and BOOOM. White fur all over the place.
The desert is hard on little poodles ya know.


no offence to dog lovers but a loose free running poodle is ballistic jelly in my book.
My brother and I called in a bald eagle out behind Lake Mary in Flagstaff about 25 years ago. Sure was a pretty site. Had about a 5' wingspan. Once it figured out what was going on, we watched it soar into a nest about 500 yards from where we were set up. Awesome. Big D

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Those sure are pretty birds, I see them everytime I go fishing at the lakes. We saw 3 of them sat. at bartlett lake. I had one in my garage for a week till a wildlife place came and got it for me. it had a broken wing. Found it while shooting p-dogs in seligman.

Hey big D send me an email I lost yours when this pc crashed You to bcat.

Just last Winter, I was sitting back to back w/ a buddy on a high ridge overlooking a riverbend. It was a moonlit night, and we had just experienced a warming trend, so the animals were really moving around. Downriver 200yds., we had been hearing the frequent soft calling of geese as they nested for the nite on open water. All of a sudden, the geese started to really squawk loudly and make a ruckus. I had the rifle and was desparately trying to acquire the yote in my scope, that was trotting the river bank next to the geese. He veered away and was not offering me a shot, so I started wimpering semi-softly on my rabbit distess call. The yote turned my direction, but hungup when I stopped calling. I called another 15 sec. session and he was on the move right at us, but 100yds. straight below us next to the river. I quit calling and was telling my buddy about how I'm going to get the shot. He had the shotgun and was to do close-range duty, and this wasn't it. I had just quit whispering, when we heard running/snow crunching coming in behind us. I froze and whispered for him to take the one coming in so close! The next thing I know he's whispering "Its a damn coon! You called in a coon" I then indicated that I was going to bust the yote on the river below us, and raised the rifle. At this movement the coon jumped in a small tree 12 feet away and started screeching! Scared me so bad, I couldn't help myself from jumping and rolling. The yote saw my movement, and hi-tailed it out of there, now well-educated. I spoke out loudly "Shoot that damn coon!" At which the screeching stopped and the coon ran over the bluff escaping us. My buddy stood to line up the coon w/ some healthy #4 BUCKshot...but Racky was too fast. He too got away! We both looked at each other and laughed out loud, thus ending that hunting spot for the evening! I've never called in Coons before or one since, coulda been a fluke, but it was way wierd I'll tell ya! Sparkman
Great story Sparkman, I have called a few coon in, they almost always suprise you!

I cant believe I'm the only one who has been attacked by an OWL! com'on guys... Its happened to me at least three or four times..
ok, the owls never actualy scratched me or anything, but I have felt their wings hit my head when they realized they had been had
I just cant believe Im the only one!!
Josh Ive been "attacked" by a few. I wrote it in one of my posts here somewhere. But the coolest one was.....

I took a buddy(his first time) after work calling at a local river bottom. he had a tape player and I gave him one of my old tapes. we were camo'd and sitting about 15 yards from each other. When all of a sudden a owl landed between the 2 of us. It just sat there and looked at the recorder. after a few mins I picked up a stick and tossed it towards my friend(about 3 feet away) the owl went and got it. I could see he was getting an uneasy feeling so being the nice guy that I am I did it again. this time the stick landed by his foot. So this owl decided to land on his knee. I dont know who got scared more the owl or brian. both took off in opposite directions.

Delw, funny stuff!! If you have done any amount of calling it will happen sooner or later!!
I have a couple things that I will never forget calling in,that I surely will never forget!! Once, I called in a fox that didn't have a tail !!!!! On a bright moon light night,I watched something coming in,that surely didn't look right.I let it get about 25-30 yards away,and turned my light on it.
1 grey fox minus tail.I didn't shoot it,and left it go...I figured it had a hard life ,and to make it that far,so I left it go......

In another area,I called something twice on separate days.It could have been a bear or something...Whatever it was,wouldn't come closer that about 75 yards,but it was REALLY PI$$ED !!!!!
I heard alot of loud gutteral growling and roaring,all sorts of brush being ripped and tossed everywhere,and large cracking and crunching as it was thrashing around.This was in a large tract of strip mines,so all there was for ground was shale.I shut the player off once it showed,but it kept throwing a fit.I've never heard anything like it either before,or since !!!!!! I did go back for tracks,but all I could come up with was some partial impressions at best.

The second time,my wife was with me,and she swore she would NEVER go with me at night again !!! It took over 10 years,to get her out fox hunting at night again!And she refuses to go to that area at night,ever again..............

Bear? maybe I don't know............
BUT,it sure did make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck !!!



A bud and I were calling one night and an owl kept buzzing us until he finally decided to take my buddy's cap. At the same instance that he grabbed my bud's cap, my bud took a swing at him. Fist and owl collided!! Knocked the owl out cold!!!
Another night, same buddy, and I were calling with a tape player sitting on the hood of my truck. We were more interested in visiting than calling I guess. As we were shooting the shit, smoking , and not really paying attention, we looked around and here came a big ol' boar coon up over the grill guard of the pickup and stuck his nose in the speaker of the caller. That's when coons would bring $25-$30 , but this one got us so tickled, he survived!! Ol' Bob
well if you are talkin most impressionable its hard to say I was sittin is some thick brush one morning (in a place I have called lion in befor) and watchin a magpie on a fence about 45yrds away when I heard a faint noise behind not half a sec after I heard the noise something touched the back of my neck Talk about come out of your skin it was another magpie. When I first started Howling about 14yrs ago I started at night (first mistake) well I Let rip with my best impression of a come here howl(locator) and wasnt real impressed with my ability well about 1 1/2 mins after I had a Coyote howl about 5yrds behind me startled me so bad i dropped my spotlight. gotta Love callin at Night

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