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Legendary Day in Idaho

Full body of both with the wolf chasing the coyote... If you are looking for a taxidermist, Monarch in Helena is my taxidermist's nephew. My guy is good and got him started, but he has taken it to the next level...


Phenomenal, thank you!
So there I was, looking for Mule Deer in Idaho's high country. Solo, public land. Good morning so far, no bucks around yet, but I did see a few does, and a big bull Elk.

The morning goes on and a Coyote makes an appearance. I had never killed a Coyote before, or even tried to. After watching this one trot along the sage for a time, the thought occurred to me. It was a beautiful Coyote, thick winter coat with nice coloration, so I decided to shoot it. All good, I went and grabbed the Coyote, and brought it back to my glassing knob. Satisfied with the hunt thus far, and I knew I would have a beautiful pelt for the house.

Fast forward about thirty minutes, and I decide for a minor relocation. I grab my rifle and start walking...I haven't made it twenty yards when I look up on the ridge above me, and majestically silhouetted with moody October clouds behind it is a Gray Wolf. I sunk down behind some sage, had my rifle on the tripod already, and started watching and ranging. The Wolf did not see me, and trotted somewhat perpendicular to me while getting closer. Ranges 385, 350, 300, 275, 225, and it stopped...

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And next to the Coyote from less than an hour prior...

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View attachment 296752

This was (still is) a dream come true. I've had the good fortune to kill a lot of Elk, Deer, and a few Black Bears. I could go on and on about how special it was for me to have had this opportunity, the stars to align for a shot, and to walk up to this animal. What a day.

Gear for those interested: .300 WM rifle from Alamo Precision, Thunderbeast Dominus CB Suppressor, RRS tripod. Hand-loaded copper rounds. Leupold Mark 5HD scope from our very own Hunttalk legend Schmaltz. Now I just have to decide between a rug or a full body mount...

Incredible day, full body mount. No brainer. Honest question for you, do you think you'd have that wolf if your rifle wasn't suppressed?
Amazing animal. If you full body mount find someone who does predators. So many times folks who do great with deer and elk make a predator’s face look goofy. They aren’t easy to do well it seems.
Wow way to go. Excellent pics. Do you have the weight?
Incredible day, full body mount. No brainer. Honest question for you, do you think you'd have that wolf if your rifle wasn't suppressed?
Great question and I have wondered the same. Obviously the suppressor makes some noise, but in my experience it doesn't scare animals off. The biggest variable would be how far the wolf was when I shot the coyote. In 45min that wolf could have covered several miles and he wouldn't have heard the shot either way, or he could have been sleeping just a few hundred yards off, and an un-suppressed shot would have scared him off.

Either way, there's no way of knowing, but I'm glad I had the can on, I'd like to think it made it possible. Also worth noting, I was deer hunting, and I never would have shot the coyote without the can. I had no concern it would spook deer in the general area.
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