The hits just keep coming.......



Well, some of you guys that are my buds know I have had a rough year to say the least.........divorce after 20 years, son died in a car crash a few months ago,......well now, the hits just keep a coming.....

I arrived home after a a few days away today to find my house burgalarized and most everything I own gone....including every gun I owned and most of my horse packing gear. This seriously jeorpardizes my upcoming New Mexico hunt with Acon. Saddles gone, packs, tents, horse blankets, bridles, not to mention all my hunting gear...binos, spotting scopes, packs, rangefinders, guns, it took me so many years to accumalate that stuff I don't know how I will ever recover. What's more......I don't even know why I am on here crying to a bunch of strangers, other than I am still in shock and keep finding myself staring at 4 walls wondering what the hell I am going to do......New Mexico hunt in 3 weeks and Alaska Bou hunt in 7 weeks.....and I am like a homeless guy house hunting in Malibou.....there is a sinking feeling to open up your hunting storage closet and finding it empty......I don't miss the 4 TV's and VCR's and DVD player near as much. Off the top of my head I can count near $20,000 gone.......

I think I must have been a bad son-of-a-bitch in my last life, because the big guy is pouring it on me for sure.......I have to wonder what is next...and almost welcome it.
That stinks Mark. It must be hard to remain sane after all you've been through in the last year. You are a good man and will get through this. This isnt a whine. This is where ya come when you need a friend to listen.

Prayers for ya bud.

DS, The reason you're talking to us is because we're like Family. PLEASE tell me you had Insurance of some sort. 1.5 weeks ago MY folks got Robbed in AZ and they didn't have insurance to cover any of it. Fortunately they were jsut moving back from Over seas and most of their house stuff wasn't ther yet. Some people are FUGGERS !!!!

Sims, I also remember a Tent getting vandalized too. You should go to Vegas bro, you're luck will only go up from here !!!!! If you need anything, You got my # friend !!!

Remember who loves you :
(For those that don't know, Me on Left, DS on right)

Hey Buddie, like I told ya, I got a butt load of campimg gear. If you need to take some of it with you after New Mexico (for Alaska) just say the word.
I have a feeling your just saveing up all your good luck for them big bulls !
DS, So sorry to hear that.
You have indeed been through more then your share of chit for a life time.
Hang in there ,vent it to all of,thats what we are here for.
Don't miss your hunt's!!!!
A good hunt with good friend's is just what you need.
God Bless & take care
DS, I'm very sorry to hear that bad news and I sure hope you had insurance and pictures to help remember and verify what you had. I learned a long time ago to walk around the house and take pictures from different angles of the rooms, closets, etc. and keep them in a safe to help make a list of what I had if the whole house burned down.

Meanwhile, what are the cops doing? Do you think it was somebody who knew you, or at least knew about your hunting? Any leads? They musta backed a truck up to the house to load all that stuff up!

I seem to remember that you were living in Fort Collins. Are you still there? If so, then we're not that far away. Let me know what you need. I probably got extras to loan you. But better be fast because I'm leaving next Saturday and will be gone for 5 weeks.

Thanks all.....and yes, I have homeowners, but no extra "riders for guns or jewelry, so I'll get screwed there on the caps. But the electronics should be covered as well as the tools and and sadlles and etc. We all know how insurance seem to put the screws to us...deductables, depreciation, etc. I am not looking forward to it, and that would be an understatement.

Back when things were more "normal", I had extra coverage on things such as guns and jewelry....but such things have been the fartherest things on my mind as of late.

Ithica, I live on 4 acres out in the country at the end od a dead end road. It would be very easy to back a uhaul up and not be noriced should someone decide to. My burgular alarm was disabled by my 17 year old while he was down on his visit from CO last month and I haven't been able to get it back online. Yes, the detectives have a line on who it was.....some past employees known for such things along with their drug use. But proving it or getting restitution will be a long shot. They dusted for finger prints and took bolt cutters and a flash light left behind at the scene to a crime lab, but barring some great fortune, I'll have to chalk it up as another bad experience in a long list of them.

I won't let it get me down....and plan to bounce back strong. A gun safe is on my Cristmas list and while it will be empty, at least I will have piece of mind knowing every firearm I buy from hence forth will be protected. And a look at the bright bow rig that ran me right at a $1000 counting accessories was at my fiancee's house because I have been shooting there in the evenings. So that was good. I did loose good binos and most of my expensive cameras and stuff, but I did have one good pair of binos in the truck along with my laser rangefinder I thought I had lost to the theft. So all I need to make this hunt in about 2 and a half weeks is 1 saddle and 1 saddle pack........I can trim that to about $700. I don't have it but it could be a lot worse...and will for my September gun bou hunt.
Yeah Nut, how do you think they robbed me blind?.....I was out chasin' and got popped like a big ol' buck in rut. I arrely am at my house the last 5 or 6 months...and I got patterned......but I know it wasn't Pug, because he doesn't believe in patterning ;)

Moosie, I am doing the Haul Road hunt with my brother and his bud Ray who have done it before.
The plan is at least one with a bow and the other with a bow or gun.....looks like both with a bow for me now that I am gun-less!
Let us know what we can do, Mark. I'm sure we could pony up a little cash for you if you need it. Sometimes you gotta hit bottom before you come back up - I know 'cuz I've been there. Whatever I can do for you, let me know.
Appreaciate the offer Cali.....but I will be just fine. The insurance will rip me but they should at least pay enough for me to get back a couple of firearms. I didn't need all those TV's and VCRs I will just replace the priority stuff..saddles and guns! ;)

It will take a month or more I am sure to get reimbursed.....but all I need for the upcoming bowhunt is 1 saddle and one pack and I'll manage that.

I guess more than anything I just feel violated...
Originally posted by Deerslayer:
I guess more than anything I just feel violated...
Yep, I know that feeling well. It happened to us back in 1982 when we got robbed 3 days before Christmas. Luckily at that time we didnt have any children of our own and I had enough cash on hand to make up the gifts a bit.

Then there was the few times my car was robbed also. and then there was etc and etc.

There was also the time we was in the house when they came in and took Vipe's rings and wallet.

Only once did I ever get anything back.

So I do know how you feel. :(
LOL DS on the Patterning thing ;)

I got an Extra 300 MAg around this place if you need to borrow it. It's my older one but it shoots like a Gem. If you need it for AK lemme know how to get it to ya !!!

Good luck on the Haul road, should be a Good hunt. You'll have fun. Take lot-sa pics and Hurry back with stories !
Prayers go out to ya bud, and luck on insurance, don't know ya but got cpl rifles your welcome to use I stick to my Bow now days something bout getting them critters down with your bow!
DEERSLAYER, I have a Ruger No. 1 in 7 mag with a 3x9 Leupould you can borrow for the season. Anything else, like an Aluminm Gun case for your Airline flight. I'm in Shreveport. My company is Geological Drafting Consultants. It's in the phone book under Drafting, ask for John.
Thanks Moosie, Idaho C G, and John for the offer of the loan of firearms, but I have 7 weeks before my gun hunt and still have a 7 mag out in the garage with no stock I will probably buy a sythetic stock for. It was my main rig until '97 when me and a friend were hauling a bull up a steep in Colorado with a 4 wheeler when we managed to roll the whole rig tumbling it some 300 yards down the mountain. My gun in the gun boot had a busted stock so I just upgraded to the Browning 338 after that. Ah, the memories! :rolleyes:

I think a stock for that gun will only be about $120 and the 7 mag is a good all around shooter. Plus I still have a youth model .243 out on loan that makes a good back up gun and I have taken elk with it though it is not the caliber of first choice for me ;)

I half received about a dozen private emails with good folks offering assistance and some I don't even know. The support is amazing.....
One this morning was from "Charlie" in Sante Fe, New Mexico who offered to meet me in Albuquerque with whatever of his I could use, and then would meet me again to pick it up after the hunt. I have the things I need to go in, except a saddle and pack I intend to secure this week, but the gesture sure was a fine one from someone I don't even know.

I tell you what.....I plan to dedicate the New Mexico bow hunt to the punks who robbed me. I intend, along with Acon, to perservere and harvest a big ol' bull as a symbol of defiance ;) testimony that we hunters will find a way!
against all odds.... that inner force that drives us can't be extinguished by some anti-two bit-no good-thieving punk!.....In the face of adversity we do our best work :eek: ...and our dreams and passion WILL live on!!!!!
......hahahhaha, man, reading back over that I am full of chit, no doubt! :D

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