Ted Turner.....



Another Forum has a few guys whacking on ol' Ted because they say "he locks up land they can't afford to hunt"...

How do you feel about this?

I personally think, other than marrying than commie wife, Ted has done a shitload of good things he didn't have to.

It doesn't always have to be about "me".
Just think of all the benefit to wildlife his ranches have given...land that would otherwise be consumed eventually by developers or less scrupulous landowners.

And that benefit to wildlife undoubtedly reaches beyond his own property boundarys onto adjacent lands. Lands available to us all to hunt. And you can bet some very fine hunting can be found on those adjacent public lands partly due to Ted's works.....

So I say, quit being bitter and get off your duff and go hunt!

I have zero problem with Ted's Ranches and the high price tag that it takes to hunt them. I think his ranches are like wildlife santuarys, in spite of the minimal high-dollar hunting that goes on there,santuarys kinda like Yellowstone would be. You know the qality herds expand off of his ranches to adjacent lands......

...come on now, weigh in on Ted folks :D
I have no problem with "Ol'Ted" buying up all the land he can afford. This country was built on the principle of free enterprise. Some folks are obviously better at it than others. If you are willing to put in the time, invest of yourself, and learn the lessons it requires to become that wealthy, then more power to ya. The rest of us will have to hunt on public land.

To condemn a man because he is sucessful in obtaining wealth through hard work and brains, is nothing short of communism. What he does with his land is his business.

Most of us have neither the intellect nor the inclination to invest that much of ourselves in our lives. We are to busy living them and raising kids and drinking beer and meeting wimmens, and running around raising hell.....

Cant wait to see what Greenhorn has to say about Ted.......

Personally i think Ted is hot.
Good point Dan...while Ted was making Billions......we was a huntin' shitholes....now he has the best hunting in the world, and I doubt he cares much about putting bullets in anything, but rather spends his time making moo-la. On the other hand, had we all been more enterprising, we would have more money and holdings...but probably have crushed a few less beer cans and kilt a few less critters..and skanked a few less hoes ...so I guess we took the "high road"!:D ...

Cali...I think we all wanted to do that to her too ;) ....but I can't forgive her for being a commie :mad:

Gayhunter...I doubt your really gay, I doubt you live in San Fran...and I certainly doubt Greenhorn will say anything but good about Turner's operations. First off, he has seen it first hand, having guided there this year, and secondly, he is not one to snivel at being locked out of anywhere......

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Oh...ok, my bad Gay.....

...uh.there is one thing I have been wanting to ask you, and I assume since you logged yourself in with the name you did, it won't offend you....

...you do use a condom when you post on this site don't you? :confused:
I know that the majority of you folks would do the same thing Ted does, if you had the money. So why bring someone down because they can and are doing that you would do if you were in their shoes??
I, for one, am proud that we have an openly gay member here at Moosie's! When I used the word "member" did that turn you on? Just curious. As for Ted... more power to him! Regardless of her politics, Jane was and is and will likely alway be, one hot piece of ass.

Should she be tried for treason? Perhaps. Would I do her? You betcha! But I'd certainly give her a Dirty Sanchez!

But, to the point... Good for any man, woman or child that can amass the fortune that Ted did... any one who hunts or condones hunting "gets it" and is therefore a friend to game...

She USED to be very fuggin HOT.

But she decided to be a fuggin TRAITOR!!

So now, she is just nail and toss out of the truck :D
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Moosie:
Someone post a picture of TEDS wife.. Is she that hot ?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
moosie, not 100% sure but i think that teds wife is the communist puke that you know as Jane Fonda.
Comunist ?!?! HELL..... I must not pay close attension to the news.... I thought she was a good ol' USA hot "OLDIES" chick ;)

Shows ya I don't know my comunist history !! HAHA, why would Turner get married, Thats like Hefner settleing down ;)
I wish he'd buy the whole fuggin Bitterroot Valley. Chit, the knapweed would go and the elk herds would be awesome and I'd be whackin the big boys like Kurt does every year. Maybe I'll start a foundation or lobbying group to get Ted over here to buy up land! I bet Rocky Slut will help me out here!
I never met him so I can't say I know what he's like. If his ex-wife is half as bad as my exwife.. I'd be real suprised.

He does take care of his properties and I saw that first hand last fall on an archery elk hunt I was guiding. There is a lot of hunting on his ranch for free.... just piles of cow (and even some trophy bulls for free) are taken by locals of his biggest ranch here. Definately quite a few animals that spend time on his ranch are taken on adjacent public and private lands when the step off. And I'm positive that some of them big bulls are occassionally taken when they jump his fence at the wrong time.

Gayhunter, does that ask your question?
The first time I heard of what ol Ted was doing, shutting off hunters from his lands,(told of second hand), kinda ticked me off. But over the years, I see that the man actually had a good plan in place, so what was said before is taken with a grain of salt. It may have been $$$ driven, but the end result is the betterment of us all.
Now for his taste in women. I think it sucks big time. Or she did...LOL...That's why she got the job. What should be done with her, well, I think she should be tied to a post and soundly whipped until the flesh has been removed from her whole backside. Then hung up and skinned alive, leaving her face intact because the look of agony would ruin any good looks some might think the wicked witch may have. Then she should have buckets of salt water tossed onto her worthless carcuss until she dies...Holding extreme mallus towards her, I don't think she should be allowed to live in this country, and she should not be allowed to take any of her $$$ with her. She forfiet all of it and her claim to being an American when she disgraced this country with her betrayal of our servicemen....
She is a worthless piece of Sh!t and nothing she can or ever do will change that :mad::mad::mad: