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Sep 21, 2003
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When I purchase a non resident Idaho general deer tag does it allow me to hunt all units except those that are in the Clearwater and southeast units :confused: For example I could hunt 46 then go to 51 if I had not filled the tag on a deer and hunt that unit also?
The answer is yes (kind of). But read the regs carefully as each unit is different on seasons. some units are not open for General season deer.

Also FYI, you can tag a mountain lion or black bear with a non-resident deer tag.
T Bone. thanks for that . yeah I 'm looking into all the small print now but that is what I thought. Just have my eye on a area that is bordered on 3 sides by zones so getting it figured out. Pretty cool about the cat and bear also. :D
Don't they have some kind of a deal to, where you could use it on a bear or a cougar if you wanted to also, but then no deer? I forgot how that works. It might be the elk tag that works that way.
Thanks, I missed it, it is the deer tag. If you see a bear or cougar and want it, you can get it with the deer tag. That is neat in Idaho.
Using a deer tag for bear or cougar is only good for non-residents though. Or a residnet can do it if they purchase a leftover non-resident tag as an extra tag. Its a rule that I've never understood :confused: Oh well, it might get a dew more bears and cougars killed which ain't a bad thing.
It makes it more exciting for a non-resident to come there. My friends saw a bear cross in front of me when I was coming down a "mountain" once. They were below and I was above. I didn't see that bear though. I did see a bear, but with cubs, there once.

I think its a great rule for attracting hunters there.
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