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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Okay... When it comes to the days I work, there is some difficulty in getting my lazy butt out of bed. But when I do not have to work I am up bright and early and eagerly await the day. Especially the days where I will be outdoors and out of the city.

I love the dawn and being there when the rest of the area wakes up.

Am I alone in this?
It just means you would rather spend your time doing what you like to do, rather than what you HAVE to do. I think most of us are like that.
I used to enjoy waking up at the Crack of DAWN, but then she broke up with me.

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LOL Whiskers....

I'm the same way, Nut. Like Meathead said, it's because I enjoy the hunting & scouting a lot more than I do going to work.
I'm with Elkhunter...I enjoy getting up and watching the sun come up
Becky and the girls think the sun comes up around 10 or 11...

I find that whether or not I bounce out of bed seems to depend on how much exercise I'm getting. When I'm working out at the gym regularly or jogging, hiking a lot in the woods - whatever, I get up much easier. When I get lazy, like lately, I roll out of bed about 9:30 and start the day off slow by posting on HuntTalk or something.
Yeah I am with becky and the girls and mojave, then sun does come at 10 or 11 doesnt it?

I have never been able to get up early, April and I have worked nights for most of our adult lifes. Since we owed our machine shop I would get up at about 7am an roll into work but I worked till 10-12 midnight all the time.

When I fish tournys that are in the early hours of the monring I usually get a wake up call from a buddy.
When I go hunting I usually just stay up all night if I have to leave early in the am. Sleeping outdoors I can generally get up early.

Sunrise tomorrow (according to the Ohio Div. of Wildlife) is going to be arriving at 07:03 am EST. I will be 50 miles away from home awaiting that time to shoot some doves.

I dont hate what I do. Just dont feel I am properly compensated for it anymore.

cj...I live in NW Ohio. Toledo to be exact.
But you get to look at all of those flames coming out of those smokestacks! those natural gas ones if there still burning. i think they are cool.
I am just bored with working for a living. Been doing it too long. Just want to hunt and fish, spend time in the woods,and do the things I like to do. I like the early mornings. Watching the sun come up, an the woods come alive.

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