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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
You mentioned in one of your threads that the bears had become nocturnal. You also said you had a way of stopping that. How do you get the bears to quit coming in at night and arrive during daylight?
Shoot away Moosie.
There is 2 ways. One is with taking Bear scat from another bait site and putting a couple different piles in there to make it think it has competition.
I have a friend that has done this but you have to be there to do it. He took a monster but he kicked it out of being nocturnal. You have to spend days there to do it. Take a transitor radio up and turn it on low right at dark and about 1/2 hr before daylight for consecutive days. Usually it took 4-5 days to make him hungry enough to come in in daylight.
I've heard of the Cheap Alarm Clocks set every Hour to go off. Never Tried it but It's another way. I'm not Buying the Bear POOP theory
I am Buying the Radio theory though. Jsut you have to Be there every day :eek:
The poop theory is that the bears think there is competition on the bait and another bear there so feels he has to eat earlier especially if it is a more dominant bear smell on the scat. If it a bear that thinks he has to guard the bait from others he will compete and stay closer to the bait. We will find out this weekend if it works or not. As I took 2 different bear scat to the other bait. I will pull the film and see if it changed his habits.
Me and my son went up to watch the bait and he cant hunt bears till this fall. The bear came out to the bait around 8:00 so it might have changed his habits. I gave my wife the option of going after this one or the larger one and she chose the larger one. Check out the pic I posted of the bear on another thread.

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