struck out again


New member
Jan 2, 2004
gods country, wy
still didn't draw my elk tag.
G&F must be waiting for that big bull to die of old age befor they let me have a tag
i have spent three years looking at that 7x8 and could have shot him with my bow repetedly last year if i only had a tag.
maybe next year?
hope nobody finds him this year without me.
if anyone has a wyoming area 19 tag contact me at [email protected]
i would show him to you if i can hold that rack and take some pictures.
bow hunters only i'd hate to see him taken with a rifle because i think he will be in the top ten with a bow
if you can draw it call me they wont let me go for him someone should take him befor he gets much older.
i tryed to get a guy on him last year but he wasn't willing to work hard enough for him even though i called him in to him to 15 yards he never got a shot. after he saw him he wasn't willing to shoot anything else.
i cou;dn't get him to stop calling when he was close so i could call him past him and he wouldn't sneak any closer when he would freeze up.
if you draw i'll take you to him.